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Instructions to submit an application

Are you looking to finance a project linked to research at UNIL?



The Foundation provides funding to cover the graduate study fees for student(s) or researcher(s) enrolled at UNIL who will be following classes or conducting research in the field of Classical Studies, mainly Greek archeology, Greek history, or Ancient Greek.

The following are eligible:

  • Swiss student(s) or researcher(s) who are interested in the study of Greece
  • Greek student(s) or researcher(s) who wish to study in Switzerland
  • Grant recipients must have a Master’s Degree (in exceptional cases, the Foundation Council will agree to support Master’s Thesis work)

To keep in mind:

  • A grant may be revoked by the Foundation Council in case of abuse, cheating, or any other reason justifying its retraction.
  • All award decisions are final and may not be appealed.
  • Grant recipients have no right to any non-public information concerning the Foundation.




Funding for a period of study or research may not exceed the expected length of study or research, except in case of exceptional circumstances.
Grants are awarded annually; the award of a grant or a half-grant does not imply its renewal.
Grants may not be extended. However, they may be renewed upon decision by the Foundation Board, which makes its decision annually. Award recipients must deliver a satisfactory report in the institution where the studies or research are undertaken.
Candidates must indicate if they applied for and/or received funding from other public or private organizations, well as the amount and length of such funding.


Deadline to submit a grant application


Grant application submissions are due at the Foundation before March 31 for the following academic year.


Application form and required documents

  • The application form must be filled out in French or English
  • A letter of motivation written in French or English explaining the applicant’s goals
  • A CV in French or English
  • A copy of all degrees and grades received (certified translation into French or English if needed)
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation in French or English
  • For graduate students, a certification from the University of Lausanne professor with whom the candidate will collaborate for their work (research director)
  • A research plan (table of contents)
  • A copy of proof of identity document certifying nationality
  • A copy of the student card, or if the individual does not have one, proof of enrollment, or proof of employment

Download the application form


Submit application


Documents in PDF format must be sent by March 31, at the latest, to: ou by post


Reports to include


At the end of the funding period, at the latest by March 31 of the calendar year following award receipt, the award recipient will give the Foundation Council a report on his or her progress, meaning:

  • A report, maximum of 2 pages (A4)
  • Applicable annexes
  • An account of how the award money was used

In addition, he/she will go back to his/her initial support application form and fill in the greyed-out fields according to the work carried out.

According to the Foundation statutes, all published work from an awarded project must mention the Théodore Lagonico Foundation.