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Active grants & prizes

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 Micah Murray (PI),
Naomi Middelmann (CI)
Andrea Brioschi (CI)
Gilles Allali (CI) 
I AM for Healthy Ageing: Impact of Art-Making for Healthy Ageing, Cognition, and Brain Function Leenaards.png
Olivier Collignon (PI), Micah Murray (PI)  BrainTRACE: Brain-based Test of Refraction and Acuity Correction of the Eye EN_Gradient.png
Kerstin von Plessen (PI), Micah Murray (PI) Longitudinal assessment of the coupling of brain and behavioral intra-individual variability with art therapy treatment in children with ADHD

private foundation

Nir Milstein (PI), Micah Murray (mentor), John Antonakis (mentor) The Neurophysiology of Charisma SwissGovt.png
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
Katia Steinfeld Lifetime changes in visual processing associated with mild myopia SAMW.png





Completed grants & prizes

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Anna Gaglianese (PI) It's All about Motion European Commission (MSCF)
Paul Matusz (PI) Understanding the role of attention in visual rehabilitation: Amblyopia as a model SNSF Ambizione Programme

Micah Murray (PI), Aki Kawasaki (CI), Fatima Anaflous (CI), Paul Matusz (CI)

Visual medicine 2020: SEER (Screening Efficiency and Enhanced Rehabilitation) The Fondation Asile des aveugles
Nathalie Maitre (PI), Micah Murray (CI) Early childhood constraint therapy for sensory/motor impairment in cerebral palsy NIH, USA
Nathalie Maitre (PI), Micah Murray (CI) RCT to improve multisensory neural processing, language & motor outcomes in preterm infants NIH USA
Elizabeth Maillard
(MD-PhD funding)
  Kummer Foundation
Micah Murray Tactile devices for restoring visual function grantor advised by Carigest SA
Micah Murray
Pawel Matusz Early multisensory attention as a foundation for learning
in multicultural Switzerland
Pierre Mercier Foundation
Micah Murray The neural bases of building, discriminating, and remembering multisensory object representations in humans Swiss National Science Foundation
Micah Murray 2014 Research Prize The Swiss Brain League
Jan Schnupp
(principal investigator)
Micah Murray
Functional specialization in human auditory cortex International Exchanges, The Royal Society (UK)
Eveline Geiser Mechanisms of global timing perception and their influence on perception and cognition Swiss National Science Foundation (Ambizione)
Silvio Ionta Validation of a model of sensorimotor integration with clinical benefits Swiss National Science Foundation (Ambizione)
Silvio Ionta

Combined behavioural and non invasive brain stimulation interventions for treating body image distortions in Anorexia Nervosa Italian Health Ministry
David Perruchoud &
Silvio Ionta
Healthy and aberrant sensorimotor pathways in dystonia Swiss National Science Foundation pro-doc mobility grant
Jérémie Lefebvre Large scale neural dynamics of perception Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Ulrike Toepel Effects of bariatric surgery on brain responses to food viewing Faculty of Biology and Medicine, CHUV-UNIL
Domenica Bueti Preparatory, response-related, outcome-evaluation and predictive components of attentional orienting in right brain damage: clues for diagnosis and rehabilitation Italian Health Ministry
Antonia Thelen Efficacy and plasticity of auditory-visual integration across space Swiss National Science Foundation (Early Postdoc Mobility)
Carlos Benitez
(visiting PhD student from Vanderbilt University)
travel award for visiting student Fonds Jean Falk-Vairant
Adrienne Roman
(visiting post-doc from Vanderbilt University)
travel award for visiting student Fonds Jean Falk-Vairant
Micah Murray Mapping the neural bases and behavioral relevance of multisensory interactions in humans Swiss National Science Foundation (bonus of excellence)
Micah Murray 4th International Conference on Auditory Cortex Swiss National Science Foundation, conference support
Micah Murray Multisensory comings, goings, and switching in the human brain: sensory-cognitive processing within and between the senses Swiss National Science Foundation
Micah Murray Advanced electrical neuroimaging of selective attention to speech (support for sabbatical of Prof. Lee Miller, UC Davis) Swiss National Science Foundation, international short visit support
Reto Meuli
(Micah Murray and Jean-Marc Vesin, co-investigator)
Dialogs between brain waves: interactions and interdependencies of oscillatory activity in humans Swiss National Science Foundation
Marzia De Lucia
(Micah Murray & Christoph Michel, co-investigators)
Single-trial EEG analysis methods for understanding individual mechanisms of learning and plasticity Swiss National Science Foundation
Micah Murray The exchange of senses: neural mechanisms of multisensory interactions’ alteration of later unisensory processing Swiss National Science Foundation
Micah Murray
& Gregor Thut
The whole is more than the sum of Its parts: the neural basis of how multiple senses impact performance without our knowing Leenaards Foundation Prize for the Promotion of Scientific Research
Ulrike Toepel
(Micah Murray, Luc Tappy, & Vittorio Guisti, co-investigators)
Tracking dynamic impacts of digestive hormones on brain mechanisms of food evaluation following gastric bypass surgery Interdisciplinary Project, Faculty of Biology and Medicine (CHUV-UNIL)
Micah Murray
& Ulrike Toepel
The emotions of foods: Affective influences on consumers' food evaluation and choices Nestle Research Center
Micah Murray
& Ulrike Toepel
The evaluation and discrimination of food images by humans Nestle Research Center
Micah Murray The spatio-temporal brain dynamics of visual food discrimination Nestle Research Center




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