NB: all our exhibitions are in French only

Permanent exhibitions

Located in the "Palais de Rumine" in the centre of Lausanne, we display three permanent exhibits:

Fossils, archives of life: from the first living organisms to the Brassus mammoth, nearly four billions years of life evolution are shown. A particular highlight is given on fossils found in Lausanne which testify of a tropical climate 25 million years ago with rhinoceroses, crocodiles and palm trees.

Crystals on show: born from some terrestrial or space alchemy, a myriad of strange and wonderful minerals glitter in their perfect shapes with often vivid colours. A dark room filled with fluorescent minerals creates a magical atmosphere.

The underground of the Alps: the long history of our regions, layer after layer, reveal astonishing facts of our past landscapes and climates. The visitor can also interact with a virtual 3D model of the Alpine geology.


Temporary exhibitions and Events

None at the moment


Virtual exhibitions

Lausanne at the time of palm trees: in a rich tropical scenery, a diversified fauna lived in the forest 25 million years ago: tortoises, crocodiles, hippopotamus or rhinoceroses. The fossils found in Lausanne recount their history.

On the origins of the world: a sample of themes likely to arouse the curiosity of the public towards the world he lives in.

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Giant palm trees from northern Italy in the "Fossils, archives of life" exhibit

An amazing tourmaline in the "Crystals on show" exhibit

The 3D virtual model of the Alpine geology, in the "Underground of the Alps" exhibit

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