Continuing education

According to swiss legislation, each person performing animal experimentation and each person responsible for animal experimentation must follow continuous education courses, representing at least 4 days per period of 4 years

Continuous education might be

  • theoretical courses
  • practical courses
  • seminars or symposia

 455.1  (937 Ko)

To prevent omissions and facilitate counting in Animex,  keep in mind "1 day per year" 

If you miss continuous education courses since long time, cantonal veterinarian authorities may require you register again to module 1 and/or module 2.

If your profile is not correctly updated in e-TV when asking for a new license or renewal of a licence, your demand will stay in stand-by until you will have attended all missing continuing education days 

If your project doesn't involve animal models for a while, you must anyway attend continuing education courses to keep validity of your module 1; you must keep all certificates and provide them to concerned persons at time you will start again your work with animals.

If you leave Switzerland, you will need to up-date your continuous education when returning if you start again to work with animals. European Directive also require continuing education; keep your certificates.

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