Qualifying education

According to swiss legislation, each person involved in a scientific project and performing work with animals must have achieved qualifying education courses before to start any procedure.

It exist 2 levels of education courses:

  • Anyone who performs experiments with animals must have achieved an education course entitled Module 1 (theoretical and practical course - at least 40 hours).
  • Anyone who supervises experiments involving animals must have achieved an additionnal education course entitled Module 2 (theoretical course - at least 40 hours) in addition to module 1. Moreover candidate must have a university degree in life sciences, veterinary or human medicine (specific education in zoology, physiology, anatomy, ethology, genetics, molecular biology and hygiene) and at least 3 years of work experience in the use of animal models.

Those education courses are organized 

  • in french and in english by resal (GE and VD):


  • in german and in english by LTK (ZH, BS and BE)


Courses organized by LTK and resal are fully equivalents. They are acceditated by Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO). Candidates may choose the course of interest, according to their language and place of work 

Resal and LTK are associated in a network called "Swiss Network in Education for Laboratory Animal Science".

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