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This page provides useful information for those who have just arrived in Lausanne with their family. 

UNIL’s family policy is described on a dedicated website: Families at UNIL.

The Welcome Centre also provides specific support to partners of UNIL staff arriving from abroad. Please look at the relevant page

Do not forget to look at the other pages on this website for useful information on life in Lausanne and the region.

The Equal Opportunities Office can offer financial assistance to parents with one or more children when the price of daycare (at a private nursery or with a childminder) is unaffordable for the parents.

This support is available only on request and the parents must meet the required criteria.

All the necessary information is available online


It is difficult to find good quality childcare in Switzerland. 

There are few public nurseries and private nurseries can be expensive. Time on the waiting list for a public nursery can be lengthy, depending on the period. You should register as soon as possible!

Baby-sitters, nannies and childminders offer some alternative solutions. Most towns and cities in the canton of Vaud have centralised waiting lists for all the services.

For information on childcare services in Lausanne, look at the website of the Bureau d'information aux parents [parents’ information office] or contact the UNIL Equal Opportunities Office.


Switzerland has an excellent education system, which is entirely free.

School starts at four and is compulsory for 11 years. Every child must be registered with the schools’ administration of the commune in which they live.

If your child does not yet speak French, the school will arrange additional French courses when he or she starts. 

The organisation of the school system is governed by the commune. You will find the rules of the canton of Vaud under this tab.

Health and Care

The quality of the Swiss healthcare system is recognised to be high. Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Make sure you take out insurance for your whole family without delay.

Pharmacists can offer initial advice and useful information if you or your child fall ill. You should note the location of your nearest pharmacy: the sign with the large green cross is easily recognisable.

Use these tabs to get further information. 

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Family activities

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Recreational areas

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