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Welcome to UNIL!

The Dorigny campus is beside Lake Geneva, on the outskirts of the city of Lausanne. It provides a very special work and study environment for the 18,000 people who create its lively atmosphere. 

It is a natural park, with many green spaces, a wood, streams, fields under cultivation and a beach. Local fauna and flora thrive there. 

On this page you will find useful information on the resources available to the UNIL community.

Useful information

Campus Card

The Campus Card is indispensible on campus. It serves as an identity card, key, library card and electronic wallet.

The person who welcomes you when you first arrive on campus will help you obtain one. 

Before using your campus card, it is essential that you validate it!

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Campus life

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UNIL’s main cafeterias can be found in the Unitèque, Amphimax and Géopolis buildings and the Sports and Health Centre. 

All the catering outlets, with menus and other relevant information, are listed here.

You will be entitled to a discount on presentation of your campus card. 

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