CIG Symposium 2020: “Emergence of Order Across Biological Scales” will take place June 18 & 19, 2020, in the Aud C, Génopode building, UNIL

The Faculty of the CIG is organizing the annual CIG Symposium on the topic:

Emergence of Order Across Biological Scales "

An intrinsic property of living material is an ability to self-organize. How does biological order emerge from chaos?
The 2019 CIG Symposium "Emergence of Order Across Biological Scales" will delve into recent discoveries about how life is structured across scales, from molecules to cells to organisms and up to whole populations. 

The emergence of order will be discussed in a variety of biological contexts that pertain to current outstanding questions in biology such as: How do biomolecules assemble into structures relevant for their function? How do organelles form and organize within cells? How do tissues form and regenerate? How do animal societies organize to promote their survival? There will be both talks from invited leaders in diverse fields and selected speakers selected from submitted abstracts. Additionally, there will be the annual evening John Grace Lecture that is accessible to scientists and general public alike.. 

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