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Milestones - useful documents and forms

1. From the beginning of your thesis until you are ready to present

Milestones Summary

Highlight of the milestones to complete.


2. By the end of the first semester

Committee composition

Thesis committee composition for approval by the Doctoral School.


3. During your PhD

Change of director

In case the thesis director changes, he/she and the new thesis director need to inform our office by completing this form.

Co-directorship art 3

If your thesis director is a "Professeur assistant", a "Maître-Assistant", a "Professeur ordinaire/associé" from another Faculty, a co-director has to be nominated among the "Professeurs ordinaires/associés" of the FBM.

Co-directorship 3.11

Form to be filled in if someone is chosen as co-director (criteria: has to hold a PhD, be active in research and be affiliated to a Swiss or foreign University).

Reports guidelines

Some guidance on how to format your 1st year report and your mid-thesis report.

Mid-thesis exam form

If one of your thesis committee members is participating in the mid-thesis exam by videoconference, a report has to be sent before the exam. N.B. acceptance for a remote participation has to be granted by the Doctoral school FBM prior to the exam.

Guidelines remote participation in exams

If one of the external experts in your thesis committee is not able to be present for your mid-thesis exam.
4. When you prepare the final version of your thesis

Thesis cover page

Thesis title page matching the criteria of the UNIL rectorate.


5. When you are ready to present your thesis at the final exams

Thesis deposit for final exams

The check-list with all documents to be provided 5 weeks before the planned date of the exam.
Guidelines remote participation in exams If one of the external experts in your jury is not able to be present for your private exam.


6. During your final exams

Private exam form

The template members of the thesis jury (except for the president) can use to provide a report on the thesis.

Experts reimbursement info

Check-list for the reimbursement of the external experts.

External Experts' reimbursement  FAQ

Most frequent questions about the external experts' reimbursement


7. After you have successfully passed your final exams

Final steps

List of the last steps to complete before being officially graduated.

Avis de dépôt de thèse

Form to fill in to deposit your thesis at the University Library.

Order your degree

Once you have already passed your final exams and got the imprimatur


How to order your Degree?

Did you already pass your thesis defense and get the imprimatur? Do not forget to order your Doctoral Degree via “MyUNIL”!
Click here


Study Program (credits, ECTS)

Check-List 2 - at the latest 4 weeks before the deposit of the thesis manuscript to the Secretary's Office
CheckList2_Program_PhD_ECTS.pdf  (111 Ko)

To validate all the courses/workshops/presentations/conferences to which you took part:
Forward to your program coordinator the participation forms, signed by your thesis director and yourself, and attach the requested documents (e.g. certificate of participation, program…); possibly by postal mail, or if abroad e.g., by e-mail, in PDF with all the relevant documents merged in the appropriate order.
This should be done for ALL the courses, including those organised by the Doctoral School (but in this case, you do not need to attach the program).

  • For all the courses, use this form.
  • For all the conferences/meeting and workshops, use this form.
  • For all seminars, use this form.
  • For an oral presentation of the thesis results ouside the departement, use this form.
  • For the DDay, use this form.
  • For the CVM Mini-Symposium, use this form.

For the tutorials, you do NOT need to use a participation form. These are considered evaluations, which are transmitted directly to the Doctoral School.

Who is your programm coordinator? Click here.


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