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Master of Arts in Public Management and Policy


Organiser University of Lausanne (UNIL)
University of Bern (UNIBE)
Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)
Degree awarded Master of Arts (MA) in Public Management and Policy
ECTS credits 120
Duration 4 semesters
Final enrolment date 30 April. This programmes starts at the autumn semester only.
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February. This time limit is applicable to enrolment at the UNIL only.
Teaching language Language of the University where the studies take place. Recommended level: C1.
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General presentation

The increasing complexity of the tasks performed by the State and its forms of intervention require a new understanding of public service in general and the modernisation of the public administration. Today there is a need for decision-makers with interdisciplinary knowledge who are capable of understanding and solving problems that are at the same time managerial, economic, political and legal. As Switzerland stands at the crossroads of three major linguistic cultures, a multicultural approach to the management of both the public and the quasi-public sectors is also necessary.

From the third semester, students choose a subject area from among those proposed by the different partners on their respective websites:

  • Public Finance and Economics (IDHEAP)
  • Public Management and Evaluation (IDHEAP)
  • Political Analysis of Public Governance (UNIL)
  • Law and Public Regulation (UNIL)
  • Öffentliches Recht (UNIBE)
  • Politikwissenschaft (UNIBE)
  • Management der Öffentliche Verwaltung (UNIBE)
  • Volkswirtschaftslehre (UNIBE)
  • Public Economics and Management (USI)
  • Public communication (USI)
Timetables and course descriptions


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