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Master in Medical Biology

Master (MSc) in Medical Biology

The Department of Biochemitry offers a Master (MSc) in Medical Biology with a speciality in immunology and cancer. The aims of the Master are to provide a comprehensive training in biology and human pathologies. This program is espacially suited for students interested in the interface between basic research and medical applications. Courses are given in English.

The Master is an 18 month program that is split into 3 parts.

The first semester comprises obligatory courses and lab classes.

For the second semester of the Masters, students can choose to specialize in either
-Immunology & cancer
-Metabolic and cardiovascular pathologies
-Drug receptors
and comprises obligatory courses and the beginning of a master thesis (9 months).

The Department of Biochemistry organizes and offers courses for the option Immunology & Cancer.

The third semester is entirely devoted to the completion of the master thesis. This ends with the writing and defence of the Master thesis.

1st semester: Common to all options


2nd and 3rd semester: Option Immunology and Cancer

The Department of Biochemistry is responsible for the Option Immunology and Cancer.
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