In the seventies several centers dedicated to research in the fields of immunology and cancer, identified the site in Epalinges as a strategic location to develop a new research campus in close proximity to the Lausanne University Hospital, CHUV.


In 1976 the first buildings were inaugurated and the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), the Lausanne branch of the Ludwig Cancer center (LICR), the UNIL department of Biochemistry and the WHO center for Immunology research, were relocated on the new campus. Over the decades this heteroclite and international group of research institutions collaborated and synergized to create one of the most dynamic and productive research campus committed to the study of cancer and immunology. 


In the past decade, the campus has expanded significantly. While the founding institution, ISREC, was relocated at EPFL, other research departments expanded or joined to strengthen the research on cancer, immunology and infectious diseases.


Nowadays, the campus became a significant cluster of basic and translational research laboratories studying various aspects of the immune system and tumorigenesis. The synergisms created are aimed at pursuing breakthroughs in urgent areas of research including: the fight against infectious diseases, the study of autoimmunity, and the development of the cancer immunotherapies of tomorrow. 


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