Research is organised in three research programmes:



Survey Methodology

This research programme focuses on three key research areas and is strongly interrelated with the current FORS methodological research programme. It focuses on three main objectives:

  1. Evaluation of past and current survey practice at FORS and its effects on data quality;
  2. Optimization of data collection designs for FORS surveys; and
  3. Preparation for future developments in survey research, including experimenting with new data collection methods and combining survey data with other data sources.

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Inequalities, gender and the life course

This research programme addresses social inequalities over the life course with a particular focus on gender dynamics. Also here three key areas of research:

  1. Development of gender indicators and data analysis from a gender perspective;
  2. Family life course and linked lives; and
  3. Labour market entry-exit, can be identified which have the overarching objective to increase the value of the existing FORS data and, if necessary, to develop proposals to strengthen the quality of the data that will be collected in the future, especially with regard to gender and/or life-course perspectives.

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Data diversity and public good research

This research programme explores, analyses and reflects on creative avenues to study diverse societies and to foster public goods through social scientific practice. It breaks down into five specific research projects:

  1. Data sharing;
  2. Engaged science,
  3. Climate justice;
  4. Data mixing; and
  5. Statistical exclusion.

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Ongoing supervision of doctoral students

Marc Asensio Manjon
(supervisor: C. Roberts)

Claire Semaani 
(supervisor: L. Bernardi)

Nathalie Vigna
(supervisor: D. Oesch)

Nursel Alkoç
(supervisor: G. Lutz)

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