Soutenances 2024

Soutenances du 24 et 25 juin 2024 | Soutenances du 29 janvier 2024

Soutenances du 24 et 25 juin 2024

Programme juin 2024  (237 Ko)

Voici la liste des étudiant·e·s soutenant leur mémoire de Master le 24 et 25 juin 2024


   Nom de l'Etudiant.e               Sujets du mémoire de Master

Judith Blasco Neira

Magmatic stratigraphy of the Eocene porphyries at the Gaby porphyry copper deposit (northern Chile): Implications for exploration


Michaïl Henry

Seismic velocity changes within the Swiss Jura using ambient noise interferometry  

Erwan Delfaud

Quantitative analysis of selenium in silicate samples : development of LA-ICP-MS methods and application to melt inclusions   

Martin Miranda Muruzabal

Thermodynamic and Empirically-Based Machine Learning Thermobarometry with Application to Mt. Etna 06_MirandaMuruzabal_Photo.jpg

Linus Lewandowski

Exploring the possibilities of high-resolution spectral imaging to investigate rockfall source zones 06_Lewandowski_Photo.jpg

Gaia Pillinini

Constraining Early Martian Hydrological History through Analysis of Fluvial Ridges 06_Pillinini_Photo.jpg
Angie Ramirez From volcanic risk assessment to short-term management for volcanic crises: the example of Vulcano Island, Italy 06_Ramirez_Photo.jpg
Eliana Norona Munoz Ordovician magmatic and tectonic history of the Alpine basement in the Aar massif and Gotthard nappe: U-Pb geochronology, trace elements and initial Hf isotopic composition of zircon. 06_Norona_Photo.jpg
Nicolas Serrano Landslide and structural analysis of an unresting volcano using drone imagery and field observations at Askja caldera (Central Iceland) 06_Serrano_Photo.jpg
Helder Antonio Silva Peixoto Web GIS Application for Natural Hazards Risk Assessment based on incomplete data  

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