MD-PhD candidates can apply for a scholarship to the National MD-PhD program under the aegis of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS). The National MD-PhD scholarships are highly competitive and prestigious. To be eligible, students must hold Swiss citizenship or be Swiss residents for at least two years.

Candidates who do not obtain a National scholarship are eligible for local scholarships according to their ranking by the Lausanne MD-PhD Commission, during the selection to compete for a National scholarship. Those who fall short of obtaining a local scholarship can pursue their thesis but must identify other sources of funding or obtain support from their host laboratory, department or institute.

Interested candidates can contact
the local MD-PhD Commission.

Secretariat MD-PhD - Bureau 304 - Amphipôle - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 40 06
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)