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French texts prevail only when referring to rules, guidelines and directives

MD-PhD candidates

Form I - ENG  (64 Ko)
Form II - EN  (283 Ko)
Form III Track I or II - EN  (321 Ko)
Attestation de stage - FR  (833 Ko)

Final validation of the ECTS credits

Check-list to fill in and send at the latest 4 weeks before the deposit of the thesis manuscript to:

How to order your Degree?

Didi you already pass your thesis defense and get the imprimatur? Do not forget to order your MD-PhD Degree via "MyUNIL".

Milestones of your MD-PhD thesis (if you started your thesis after the spring of 2019)


Secretariat MD-PhD - Bureau 304 - Amphipôle - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 40 06