Local Scholarships

Based on the increasing interest of medical students for the MD-PhD program, the Commission and its President work to secure additional scholarships, as the SAMS cannot support all meritorious candidates. There are currently two such local scholarships:

The Jürg Tschopp MD-PhD scholarship, awarded annually by the Dean of the FBM;

The Theodor and Gabriela Kummer scholarship, awarded every other year;

MD-PhD candidates who have been pre-selected by the Lausanne MD-PhD Commission but who do not obtain a National Scholarship are automatically eligible for one of the local scholarships. The President of the Commission submits a proposal for candidate funding to the Dean based on the ranking established by the Commission during the selection in January. The Dean makes the final decision as to local scholarship attribution to the candidates. Local scholarships are awarded for 3 years and should be considered to be as prestigious as National scholarships. 

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