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Twelve professors from HEC Lausanne have been highly rated in the Forschungsmonitoring...
Twelve professors from HEC Lausanne (UNIL) have scored highly in the VWL Ranking of the Forschungsmonitoring for their publications in leading academic journals, reflecting the excellence and strong academic impact of the research carried out in the School.
PIB vaudois: robuste dans un environnement international fragile
Octobre 2019 | L’économie vaudoise se montre résistante face au ralentissement de la conjoncture mondiale.
The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics recognises a revolution in development economics
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2019, commonly known as the “Nobel Prize in Economics”, has just been awarded to Abjijit Banerjee (MIT), Esther Duflo (MIT) and Michael Kremer (Harvard), three researchers who have contributed to the renewal of development economics by using randomised experiments. According to Professor Dominic Rohner and Professor Mathias Thoenig from HEC Lausanne (UNIL), the research carried out by these three exceptional winners has had a profound impact on their field of study and more generally, on social sciences research.
The Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award awarded to Prof. Camille Terrier
Camille Terrier, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, has been given an award for the best article presented at the CESifo Area Conference on the Economics of Education 2019 in Munich.
Baromètre conjoncturel (conjoncture romande et suisse) - n°95
Septembre 2019 | Évolution jusqu'au quatrième trimestre 2019
Recent publications
D. Rohner, M. Thoenig. Networks in Conflict. Econometrica.
Dogan B. How to control controlled school choice. American Economic Review.
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. This mine is mine! American Economic Review.
Working papers
19.07 Bettina Klaus and Alexandru Nichifor
Serial Dictatorship Mechanisms with Reservation Prices : Heterogeneous Objects- October 2019
•   Full text
19.06 Bettina Klaus, Mehmet Karakaya and Jan Christoph Schlegel
Top Trading Cycles, Consistency, and Acyclic Priorities for House Allocation with Existing Tenants- October 2019
•   Full text
19.05 - Adrian Bruhin, Maha Manai and Luis Santos-Pinto
Revised : Risk and Rationality: The Relative Importance of Probability Weighting and Choice Set Dependence - August 2019
•   Full Text
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