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Master of Science (MSc) in Economics & Subject area (if chosen): Behaviour, Economics & Evolution (BEE)



Professor Luís Santos Pinto, Director of the Master in Economics (MScE)

The Master of Science in Economics at the University of Lausanne is Switzerland’s longest established graduate program in economics. It began in 1982, as the MSE, before being expanded to the current MSc in 2004.

Our program boasts international recognition, built on the caliber of its faculty and the success of its previous graduates. We aim to provide necessary skills for a successful career as a professional economist. The MScE is also an excellent preparation for Ph.D programs in economics, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Our main objective is to provide you with a thorough approach to economics. We believe that acquiring analytical and quantitative skills early on is essential for any professional economist. Whereas a Bachelor’s degree provides basic knowledge and intuition, our program offers courses on the foundations of economics analysis and applications. These foundations are  key towards making real analytical and managerial contributions in both public and private sector positions, or in the world of academic research.

We ensure that you have the best resources available for your studies. Our classes are typically small which allows us to engage in a real dialogue with you. The primary objectives of the various modules of the MScE are to introduce, to analyze and to apply state-of-the-art methods in economic and econometric research. We offer foundation courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics, and courses that study a range of economic applications: economic growth, health economics, international trade, financial crises, industrial organization and macroeconomic policy (see study plan).

The MScE program is aimed at students with a Bachelor's degree in economics, or possibly a business or management degree (with a strong economics component). Other degrees, such as natural sciences and mathematics may also be considered.

Our program offers two tracks for you to acquire a profile. We offer seven overlapping modules and you can enroll in up to two of them. Doing so allows you to sharpen your professional profile. We also offer a specialization in Behaviour, Economics, and Evolution (BEE). This specialization is joint with the school of Biology at UNIL and offers you the unique opportunity to study which role evolution plays in key economic questions. This specialization lets you acquire an inter-disciplinary mind-set, often needed to tackle today’s global challenges.

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