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Department of Strategy, Globalization and Society (SGS)

Stimulate entrepreneurship and business startups with a system of subsidies? Yes,...
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne – Many governments currently provide financial support for startups that want to launch themselves into the adventure of entrepreneurship. Subsidies for R&D are a common example. But recent research by Professor Annamaria Conti at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) shows that budding businesses may well turn away from financial support, depending on the policy that underpins it.
The illegal toxic waste market in Italy – a tale of entrepreneurial talent falling...
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL – Can entrepreneurial ingenuity become toxic? And how can a criminal organisation successfully develop and perfect a real illegal business over the decades? These are the questions that Prof. Guido Palazzo, professor in business ethics at HEC Lausanne-UNIL proposes to answer in his recent research into the scandal of illegal toxic waste in Italy.
Olivier Cadot: An Exceptional Academic and Colleague
HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, has lost one of its brightest stars: Olivier Cadot, Professor of Strategy and Vice-Dean of the faculty, passed away on 20 March 2019, aged only 61. Professor Cadot was an internationally renowned expert in trade policy and development economics and the co-director of the CREA Institute (Institute of Applied Economics of HEC Lausanne). According to Jean-Philippe Bonardi, the Dean of HEC Lausanne, "Olivier was extremely attached to the University of Lausanne, to our faculty and more generally to his work as a researcher and teacher. This is obviously a great loss for all of us, but I am sure today that he rests in peace".
Tax incentives: how does a country optimise the value of tax incentives offered to...
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL – The challenge for host countries in a highly mobile global economy is persuading investing firms to remain once tax incentives are lowered or removed. Which businesses will then be mostly likely to stay? This is the question Prof. José Mata, HEC Lausanne, and his co-author, explored in their latest research project.
Kateryna Chepynoga received the “Best poster presentation award” at the 10th Young...
Department member Kateryna Chepynoga obtained the “Best poster presentation award” at the 10th Young Researchers’ Forum which was held in the context of the 10th European Public Health (EPH) Conference in Stockholm in November, 2017.
Recent top publications
Castañer, X., & Ketokivi, M. - Toward a theory of organizational integration. In Organization Design (pp. 53-80). Emerald Publishing Limited
Bruyaka O., Philippe D., Castañer X. - Run Away or Stick Together? The Impact of Organization-Specific Adverse Events on Alliance Partner Defection - Academy of Management Review
Schnider R., Haack P., Scherer A.G. - Legitimacy Judgments about Corporate Tax Avoidance: A Deliberation Experiment - Academy of Management Proceedings
Cadot O., Ferrantino M. J., Gourdon J., Reyes J.-D. - The Policy Case for Tackling Non-Tariff Measures - Reforming Non-Tariff Measures: From Evidence to Policy Advice
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