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Department of Organizational Behavior (OB)

Academic excellence: thesis prizes winners 2020
Six PhD graduates from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne were awarded prizes this Fall semester 2020. The Dean’s Office warmly congratulates the researchers concerned.
Prof. John Antonakis receives the Scholarly Impact Award 2020 from the Journal of...
Prof. John Antonakis, from the Department of Organizational Behaviour at HEC Lausanne (UNIL), has received this summer the Scholarly Impact Award 2020 from the Journal of Management for his article on the power of leaders.
The next US President: Donald Trump or Joe Biden ?
According to the election prediction model developed by John Antonakis, Professor at HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne) and Philippe Jacquart, Professor at EMLyon, the deciding factors in the critical swing states will be the state of the economy and the charisma of the candidates. For the November 3rd US Presidential election, positive economic indicators should boost the chances of a Trump win.
The prize for the best symposium from the Academy of Management is awarded to Prof....
The “Best Symposium Award” presented at the annual conference of the Academy of Management (AOM) was this year given to four academic contributions, including one by Prof. Franciska Krings and PhD student Oriana de Saint Priest, from HEC Lausanne (UNIL).
Can social influence drive collective behavior change in public policies and organizational...
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL – Given most individuals’ desire to conform to other people’s behavior, social influence is frequently used as a driver of behavior change in public policies and to adapt organizational culture. However, the research carried out by Prof. Charles Efferson, HEC Lausanne (UNIL) and his co-authors shows that this mechanism may have its limitations.
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