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Successfully deploying AI in business needs good design principles
How can artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI be effectively deployed in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? Prof. Yash Raj Shrestha and his colleagues at ETH Zürich have developed a collaborative deployment framework, successfully tested by the Swiss company TBô.
HEC Lausanne has got talent - April 2024
Discover those in the HEC Lausanne (UNIL) community - students, researchers, teachers or staff - who have been honored or celebrated recently.
Cyberbullying and the impact of personal information disclosure
Welcome to the second episode of our Digital Revolution Trends podcast series!
Esther Duflo, Nobel Prize in Economics, invited for a conference on the campus
Winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics for her work on fight against poverty, Esther Duflo will be present on UNIL campus on April 23 for an exceptional conference entitled "Towards an Equitable Future: Economy, Climate and Poverty". This event is for all those concerned with acting now in the face of the climate and social emergency. (English language with simultaneous translation into French. Registration required).
Plung into the heart of research and innovation with!
What is research at HEC Lausanne? Why are we all involved in this research ? How are students prepared to become the players of change? Join us in the bubbling world of ideas and innovation that is HEC Lausanne by exploring!
Recent publications
Humbert Mathias, Dupertuis Didier, Cherubini Mauro, Huguenin Kévin. 2022/06. KGP Meter: Communicating Kin Genomic Privacy to the Masses. Peer-reviewed, IEEE.
Dillahunt Tawanna R, Siqueira Rodrigues Lucas, Chiao-Yin Hsiao Joey, Cherubini Mauro, 2022/05/15. Interacting with Computers. Peer-reviewed.
Schneider Johannes, Vlachos Michalis, 2022/03/25. Machine Learning. Peer-reviewed.
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