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La Prof. S. Ghernaouti, experte en cybersécurité, et la Prof. M. Dong, directrice...
Allez savoir! est le magazine de l'Université de Lausanne qui sort trois fois par année. Au sommaire de la dernière édition, découvrez une interview de la Prof. Solange Ghernaouti sur l’impact du numérique sur l’environnement. Y figure également la présentation du China Economics and Finance Center (CEFC) fondé en 2018 par la Prof. Minyue Dong.
Mobile motivational apps: how effective are they in changing our behaviors in the...
Insights into research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL – Mobile apps that aim to improve our sporting performance, diet or well-being are becoming increasingly popular. But do they really achieve what they set out to do over the long term, and if so, why? Those are the questions Prof. Mauro Cherubini, HEC Lausanne (UNIL) and his colleagues and co-authors have answered in their latest research.
The Invincible Company: a new book by Yves Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder
Reinvent your organisation by learning from the best business models in the world: that’s the promise made in the new book by Yves Pigneur, Professor Emeritus at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) and his loyal acolyte Alexander Osterwalder.
Professor Solange Ghernaouti appointed member of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO...
The Federal Council has renewed Professor Solange Ghernaouti’s term of office on the Swiss Commission for UNESCO for a further four years (2020-2024).
Digital Awards 2020 Ceremony
The Digital Awards 2020 Ceremony, held on 4 February, recognised the achievements of the start-up Logmind and a team of five students on the Master’s in Information Systems course at HEC Lausanne (UNIL).
Recent publications
Chapuis B., Omolola O., Cherubini M., Humbert M., Huguenin K. (2020). An Empirical Study of the Use of Integrity Verification Mechanisms for Web Subresources. ACM, p.10.
Humbert M., Trubert B., Huguenin K. (2020). A Survey on Interdependent Privacy. ACM Computing Surveys, 52 (6) pp. 122:1-122:40.
Hu T., Tomassini M., Banzhaf W. (2020). A network perspective on genotype-phenotype mapping in genetic programming. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines pp. 1-23.
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