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Research at a glance

The research focus of the Department of Biochemistry is on immunology and cancer, including strong programs on the discovery and functional characterization of pathways that govern cell division, cell differentiation, cell death and membrane fusion.

Name  Topic 
Hans Acha-Orbea  Dendritic cell tumors 
Nicolas Collin  Adjuvants and Vaccine Formulation 
Giampietro Corradin  Malaria vaccines 
Gian-Paolo Dotto  Epithelial cell differentiation 
Nicolas Fasel  Leishmania virulence factors 
Greta Guarda  Pattern recognition receptors in T cells 
Sanjiv Luther  Stromal cells in lymphoid tissues 
Jean-Pierre Mach  Antibody-mediated tumor targeting 
Fabio Martinon  ER-stress 
Andreas Mayer  Membrane fusion and vesicle fusion 
Tatiana Petrova  Regulation of tumor lymphangiogenesis 
Manfredo Quadroni  Proteomic methods 
Pascal Schneider  TNF family members: BAFF, APRIL, EDA 
Catherine Servis  Peptide synthesis/analysis methods 
Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier  L. major-specific immune response 
Margot Thome Miazza  Lymphocyte activation 

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