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Social and Political Sciences

Research in Social and Political Sciences

Research carried out in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP) includes theoretical and empirical subjects, relevant both in a fundamental sense and in terms of applications.

These different projects focus on the study of the complexity and challenges of contemporary life, in their historical, sociological, political, cultural, anthropological and psychological aspects. They rely on varied disciplinary perspectives and paradigms, with a view to significantly improving the quality of life in all its psychological, social, cultural, political and environmental dimensions. Partners in social and political sciences research are manifold at a local, national and international level, underlining its significant impact on key issues affecting our society.

The Social Sciences are mainly represented by sociology, anthropology and social psychology. Areas of research interest are cross-disciplinary and include culture and communication, identity and social relations, life paths, gender studies, anthropology of health, economic development, protection and social inequalities, as well as education and learning.

Added to these are the interdisciplinary subjects of Sports Sciences which cover two main themes: social sciences, and life and health sciences.

Research in Psychological Sciences is represented by two main areas. The first focuses on applied psychology, with particular emphasis on educational and career orientations, the psycho-sociological and clinical analysis of learning activities, healthcare practices and therapeutic approaches. The second looks at key aspects of cognitive and general psychology.

Finally, in Political Sciences, research is concentrated in two major fields. The first concerns the study of public policies and International Studies, while the second focuses on the sociology of mobilisations and policymaking in the fields of higher education and research.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, in partnership with the University of Geneva, is currently the seat of a national centre of competence in research, LIVES, examining vulnerabilities in life paths.

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