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Lang Markus

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Research areas

Economic Analysis of Industrial Organizations
In this research area, I apply microeconomic theory to study industrial organizations across a broad range of markets and sectors, including the railway market, media market, postal market as well as the production & manufacturing sector, cooperative sector, and financial sector.

Organizational Learning and Adaptation
At the core of this research area is the assumption that knowledge generation is a process of incremental search and learning. This assumption reflects the deep grounding of this research area in the theoretical tradition of the Carnegie School where organizations are conceptualized as bounded rational actors that search and satisfice, rather than optimize. In this research area, I employ computational models of complex adaptive systems (NK landscape model) and uncertainty (multi-armed bandit model) to examine how organisations learn and adapt.

Regulation, Governance and Market Environment of Professional Sports Leagues
Competitive imbalance leading to boring games and the ruinous escalation of player salaries play the dominant role among the dangers cited in all attempts to regulate professional team sports leagues around the world. Throughout their history, sports leagues have employed a wide array of regulations against these dangers. There are two major areas in which leagues have intervened: regulations in the sporting labor market (reserve clause, transfer system, salary caps, and luxury taxes) and regulations regarding the distribution of revenues between clubs (gate and local TV sharing). In this research area, I employ microeconomic theory to study the regulation, governance and market environment of professional sports leagues.


Members of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine

Aaron Leigh Baggish
Charles Benaim
Cyril Besson
Fabioc Borrani
Nicolas Bourdillon
Christophe Büla
Johannes  Burtscher
Tom Citherlet
Chris Donnelly
Svitlana Drozdovska
Louis Finiel
Foued Ahmed Frigui
Vincent Gremeaux
Gérald Gremion
Bengt Kayser
Léopoldine Kury
Clément Lafranchi
Alexia Lienhard
Alban Lovis
Davide Malatesta
Giorgio Manferdelli
Pedro Marques-Vidal
Lucia Mazzolai
Grégoire Millet
Christopher Newman
Jérôme Parent
Aurélien Patoz
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Jeremy Poy
Frédéric Preitner
Jardena Puder
Antoine Raberin
Claudio Sartori
Stéphane Tercier
Peter Vollenweider
Christian Widmann
Nadège Zanou

Members of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment

Laine Chanteloup
Christophe Clivaz
Valérian Geffroy
David Gogishvili
Martin Müller
Patrick Rérat
Céline Rozenblat
Aurélie Schmassmann

Members of the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration

Laure Athias
Jérôme Berthoud
Alex Biedermann
Véronique Boillet
Andrea Bonomi
Stefano Caneppele
Christophe Champod
Vikram Chand
Jean-Loup Chappelet
Robert Danon
Pierre Esseiva
Anne-Christine Fornage
Patrick Colm Hickey
Fiona Langlois
Eva Lein
Alain Macaluso
Francesco Maiani
Susana Medeiros Bozic
Philippe Meier
Martial Pasquier
Edgar Philippin
Johann Polewczyk
Olivier Ribaux
Quentin Rossy
Thomas Souvignet
Franco Taroni
Loris Terrettaz
Mickaël Terrien
Sophie Weerts
Andreas R. Ziegler

Members of the Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions

Olivier Bauer
Sandrine Ray
Stefany Zbinden

Members of the Faculty of Business and Economics

Giovanni Battista Derchi
Jean-Philippe Bonardi
Valérie Chavez Demoulin
Olivier Gallay
Stéphanie Missonier
Laurent Moreillon
Felicitas Morhart
Daniel Oyon
Thomas Schlager
Marianne Schmid Mast
Maël Schnegg

Members of the Faculty of Arts

Anne Bielman
Estelle Doudet
Sylvian Fachard
Michael Gronenberg
Ute Heidmann
Philippe Kaenel
Dominique Kunz Westerhoff
Karl Reber
François Vallotton
Nelly Valsangiacomo

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