Program - Speakers

CIG symposium 2024 

Title: Novelties in the RNA world 

Dates: June 13-14 2024 

Organizers: Isabel Lopez Mejia & Jean-Yves Roignant


Wednesday June 12, 2024

“John Grace lecture”

by Tom Cech, University of Colorado Boulder (USA)

"The magic of RNA: New medicines and the power to control evolution"


PROGRAM  CIG Symposium 2024 “Novelties in the RNA wolrd”  

Thursday June 13, 2024

 9:30               Welcome 


Session 1 – RNA-binding Proteins and RNA fate

 9:40-10:25     Matthias Hentze, EMBL Heidelberg (DE)
"Riboregulation: Biology, mechanisms and scope"

10:25-11:10    Jernej Ule, UK Dementia Research Institute (UK)
                        "RNA multivalency enables homeostatic co-regulation of LCD-containing proteins"   

11:10-11:30    Break 

11:30-11:50    Short talk selected from the abstracts                     

11:50-12:10    Short talk selected from the abstracts     

12:10-13:30    Lunch and Poster session

Session 2 – Small RNAs and other Non-coding RNAs

13:30-14:15    Narry Kim, Seoul National University (KR)
                       "mRNA stability control: Lessons from viruses and RNA therapeutics"

14:15-15:00    Luisa Cochella, J. Hopkins University School of Medicine (USA)
                        "Roles of microRNAs in animal embryogenesis"

14:35-15:55    Short talk selected from the abstracts     

15:20-15:50     Break 


Session 3 – RNA modifications

15:50-16:35     Chuan He, University of Chicago (USA)
Chromatin regulation by RNA methylation"                                          

16:35-17:20     Irene Bozzoni, University of Rome (IT)
RNA-RNA interactions in physiological and pathological processes"      

17:20-17:40     Short talk selected from the abstracts     

 Friday June 14, 2024


Session 4 – mRNA life cycle

9:00-9:45        Tom Cech, University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
Does RNA control gene expression in the human cell nucleus?"

9:45-10:30      Mounia Lagha, IGMM Montpellier (FR)
Imaging the central dogma in embryos, one molecule at a time"

10:30-10:50     Break

10:50-11:35     Clemens Plaschka, IMP (AT)
How to prepare messenger RNA for export"

11:35-12:20     Christine Mayr, Sloan Kettering institute (USA)
mRNAs acting as chaperones for disordered regions during protein synthesis"

12:20-13:30     Lunch & poster session

 Session 5 – Translation

13:30-14:15     Can Cenik, University of Texas Austin (USA)
An integrative approach to predictive modeling and single-cell measurements of translation"

14:15-15:00     Maria Barna, Stanford University (USA)
Ribosomes in Gene Regulation: Controlling the diversity of proteins made in
                         specific cells, tissues and organisms"

15:00-15:45     Samir Ounzain, Haya Therapeutics SA, Lausanne (CH)
Unlocking the regulatory genome: Pioneering RNA-guided therapeutics for
                         cell-state modulation in disease pathogenesis"

15:45-16:00     Concluding remarks


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