Gfeller Group

David Gfeller is an assistant professor at the Ludwig Center for Cancer Research (LICR@UNIL). His lab is mainly interested in understanding the effect of genomic alterations in cancer cells.

In particular, with the recent development of potent immunotherapy drugs such as checkpoint blockade, it is crucial to understand which genetic alterations may be recognized and targeted by the immune system. We are interested in integrating large cancer genomics dataset to gain inside into how different tumors are recognized by the immune system and what are the determinants of immune recognition.

As a second axis of research, Prof. Gfeller has a longstanding interest in protein interaction prediction and modeling. Protein interactions are central to all signaling pathways in cells and alterations of these interactions can lead to dramatic phenotypes such as cancer. Predicting the effect of mutations on these interactions is key to interpret their functional impact.

To address these challenges we develop tools based on statistics, data integration, machine learning and structural modeling. You can find more details here.

DGM 101 - Rue du Bugnon 27 - CH-1005 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 54 52
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