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Work, Newsletter n° 7
This seventh newsletter "Work" starts with the good news of a donation of 200'000 francs in favour of UNIL students. You will also find warnings about your digital security, information on the new IT tools available and on the protection of your personal data. The situation of researchers will also be discussed. Finally, you will see how to access the resources of the BCUL, as the Easter holidays are fast approaching!
Work, Newsletter n° 6
The vice-rector "Teaching and Student Affairs" Giorgio Zanetti presents in a video message the new exam modalities. In this sixth "Work" newsletter you will also find details on the financial management of the SNSF research funds.
Work, Newsletter n° 5
Our fifth newsletter "Work", starts with a new message from the Rector, available on video. This is followed by information on the latest guidelines for financial continuity, details on the case of employees doing their apprenticeship and recommendations for the ergonomics of your workspace. Finally, you will be introduced to the e-learning training opportunities available from the IT Centre.
Work, Newsletter n° 4
In this fourth « Work » newsletter you will find further details on how to access the campus. You will also find information on good practices in telework in a dedicated online guide.
Upcoming DBMV Seminar
DBMV Department and Biophore Building are CLOSED
Due to the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemia in Switzerland, the University of Lausanne is closed. The DBMV is closed to his collaborators and external visitors, all events are cancelled.
Past Speakers
Michelle Dunstone, Monash University, Melbourne, AU
Keiko Torii, University of Texas at Austin & University of Washington, US  
Sebastian Soyk, CIG, University of Lausanne, CH
Upcoming DBMV Events
8th International Meeting on Plant Peptides & Receptors
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