Working Papers

Morhart F., Reto Hofstetter R., Suresh Ramanathan S. "Perceptions of decadence. On the perceptions of decadent actors and their victims".

Schlager T., Müller-Stewens J., Sprott D., Häubl G., Herrmann A. "Gamification Paradigm".

Schlager T., Schreiner T., Heitmann M. "A Framework for Strategic Deisgn Changes". 

Schlager T.Morhart F., Hildebrand C. "The Effect of Selfies on Choice ". 

Schlager T., Boller D., Herrmann A. "How Browsing Paths Motivate Purchase". 

Fannin J.Schlager T., Johar, G. "The effect of Deepfakes on Company Reputation". 

Schlager T., Mohan B., Norton M., DeSelles K. "The Effect of Gender Inequality on Consumers". 

Schlager T., Norton M., Engeler I. "The Motivating Function of Imagined Other-Talk".

Schlager T., Boller D., Franke N., Herrmann A. "How Articulating Preferences Affect your Configuration". 

Kocher B., Wilcox K., Hagtvedt H. "The Less Conspicuous Road to Virtue: The Influence of Luxury Consumption on Socially Valued Behavior".

Kocher B., Holzer A., Samuel B., Vonèche Cardia I., Mazuze J., Gillet D. "Gamifying Knowledge Sharing in Humanitarian Organizations". 

Usunier JC. "Comparative Thick Description: Articulating Similarities and Differences in Local Beer Consumption Experience". in Advances in Global Marketing - A Research Anthology. Edited by Leonidas C. Leonidou, Constantine S. Katsikeas, Samiee S., Aykol B. New-York: Springer.

Usunier JC., Stolz J. "Religions as Brands? Religion and spirituality in consumer society” Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, Special issue on the Marketing of Religions".

Nedeva V.,  Czellar S. "Branding the Divine: Consumer Response to Transcendental References in Brand Communication."

Nedeva V., Czellar S., Sprott D. E. "Christmas Sells but When, How and For Whom?".

Dabrowska-Leszczynska A. "Capturing the Depths of the SEAAA. Scent Elaboration Measurement Tool Development".       

Dabrowska-Leszczynska A. "Capturing the Depths of the Scents for Consumers and Brands".                                                                                                     

Dabrowska-Leszczynska A. "Ensniffed Cognition. Exploring the Enhancing Effect of Powerful Scents on Consumer Identity and Behavior".

Furchheim P., Martin C.,  Morhart F. "Are Green Values and Materialism Two Sides of the Same Coin? Researching Configurations of Consumer Value Systems and Their Role for Sustainable Behavior". Under review at Psychology and Marketing.

Drengner J., Jahn S., Furchheim P. "Flow Revisited: Process Conceptualization and a Novel Application to Service Contexts preparing resubmission at Journal of Service Management". 3rd round.

Furchheim P., Morhart F. "Materialism and the Objectification of “Things”". Conceptual paper. 

Karaduman C., Czellar S., Kocher B., Lajos J. "Consumers with Depleted Ego Choose Less Variety: An Information Processing Perspective".

Karaduman C., Lajos J. "How To Make Deals More Attractive: Do Not Let Your Customers Become Depleted". 

Karaduman C., Mead N. "Near or Far, Just a Matter of Time: The Effects of Deadlines on Goal Pursuit".

Goedele K., Mario Pandelaere M. "Retention versus Acquisition: a Greedy Paradox".

Goedele K., Pandelaere M. "Greed as Adaptation to Resource Uncertainty". In preparation for Journal of Consumer Psychology. 

Goedele K., Pandelaere M. "$5 off $125 is still $5: Greedy people focus more on absolute gains". In preparation for Psychological Science. 

Goedele K., Kocher B.Czellar S. "Crossing the Chasm for Material Customers: the case of renting luxury". In preparation for Journal of Consumer Research.

Goedele K., Pandelaere M. "Greed as Adaptation to Resource Uncertainty". In preparation for Journal of Consumer Psychology. 

Goedele K., Czellar S., Dubois D., Laurent G., Kocher B. "How lower Class Justifies Luxury Consumption to Give Away their Class".

Goedele K. "Development and Validation of an Indirect Measure of Thinking Styles". 

Goedele K., Pandelaere M. "The Influence of Thinking Styles on Processing Price Discount Information".

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