Publications before 2021

Books / Edited volumes / Special issues

Books / Edited volumes / Special issues

Heath, A. F., Davidov, E., Ford, R. Green, E., G. T., Ramos, A., & Schmid, P. (Eds.) (2020). Special issue on immigration module in the European Social Survey 2014-15: Contested terrain: explaining divergent patterns of public opinion towards immigration within Europe. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Tillmann, R., Budowski, M., Lillard, D., Scherpenzeel, A. (Eds) (2020). Understanding Social Dynamics: 20 Years of the Swiss Household Panel. Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46(3).

Articles in peer-reviewed journals (with FORS data)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals (with FORS data)

Becci Irene, Monnot Christophe, Wernli Boris 2020. When Dark Green Religion Goes Popular: Spirituality in the Swiss Progressive Ecological Milieu, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture, Special Issue: Toward a "Spiritualization" of Ecology? Sociological Perspectives from Francophone Contexts.

Bornatici, C., Gauthier, J.-A., & Le Goff, J.-M. (2020). Changing Attitudes Towards Gender Equality in Switzerland (2000–2017): Period, Cohort and Life-Course Effects. Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46(3), 559-585. -> SHP

Brulé, G., Sapin, M. & Rossier, C. (2020). Ressources sociales et bien-être : Soutien social et accès à des ressources stratégiques dans 30 pays. Sciences et Bonheur, 5, 117-133. -> MOSAiCH/ISSP

Coste, T., Henchoz, C. & Wernli, W. (2020). Debt and Subjective Well-Being: Does the Type of Debt Matter? Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46 (3), 445-465.

Debnar, C., Carrard, V., Morselli, D., Michel, G., Bachmann, N., & Peter, C. (2020). Psychological distress trajectories in chronic physical health conditions. Health Psychology, 39(2), 116. -> SHP

Di Nallo, A. & Oesch, D. (2020). No Stratified Effect of Unemployment on Incomes: How the Market, State, and Household Compensate for Income Loss in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, European Sociological Review, 1-16, -> SHP

Gauthier, J.-A. (2020). Diversité des trajectoires individuelles sur le long terme : apport des analyses longitudinales en général et de l’analyse de séquence en particulier. Informations sociales. 201, 14-24. -> SHP

Green, E. G. T., Visintin, E. P., Sarrasin, O., & Hewstone, M. (2020). When integration policies shape the impact of intergroup contact on threat perceptions: A multilevel study across 20 European countries. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46, 631-648. -> ESS

Heath, A. F., Davidov, E., Ford, R. Green, E. G. T., Ramos, A., & Schmid, P. (2020) Introduction to the special issue on immigration module in the European Social Survey 2014-15: Contested terrain: explaining divergent patterns of public opinion towards immigration within Europe. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 46, 475-488. -> ESS

Kuhn, U., Klaas, H., Antal, E. Dasoki, N., Lebert, F., Lipps, O., Monsch, G.-A., Refle, J.-E., Ryser, V.-A., Tillmann, R. & Voorpostel, M. (2020). Who is most affected by the Corona crisis? An analysis of changes in stress and well-being in Switzerland. European Societies (23)1: 942:956, DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2020.1839671 -> SHP

Lindholm, A. (2020). Does Subjective Well-Being Affect Political Participation? Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46(3), 467-488. -> SHP

Lipps, O., & Voorpostel, M. (2020). Can Interviewer Evaluations Predict Short-Term and Long-Term Participation in Telephone Panels? Journal of Official Statistics 36(1): 117-136. -> SHP

Luijkx, R., Guðbjörg, A. J., Gummer T., Ernst Stähli, M., Frederiksen, M., Ketola, K., Reeskens, T., Brislinger, E., Christmann, P., Gunnarsson, S. P., Hjaltason, A. B., Joye, D., Lomazzi, V., Maineri, A. M., Milbert, P., Ochsner, M., Pollien, A., Sapin, M., Solanes, I., Verhoeven, S. & Wolf, C. (2020). The European Values Study 2017: On the Way to the Future Using Mixed-Modes, European Sociological Review, , jcaa049, -> EVS

Morselli, D., Le Goff, J.-M. & Gauthier, J.-A. (2020). Self-administered event history calendars: a possibility for surveys? Contemporary Social Science, 14(3-4), 423-446. -> SHP

McDonald, P. (2020). The Male Marriage Premium: Selection, Productivity, or Employer Preferences? Journal of Marriage and Family, 82(5), 1553-1570. -> SHP

Reeskens, T., Muis, Q., Sieben, I., Vandecasteele, L., Luijkx, R., & Halman, L. (2021). Stability or change of public opinion and values during the coronavirus crisis? Exploring Dutch longitudinal panel data. European Societies, 23(S1), 153-171. doi:10.1080/14616696.2020.1821075 -> European Values Studies (Dutch sample)

Reveilhac, M., & Morselli, D. (2020). Digital Shift in Swiss Media Consumption Practices. Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46(3). -> SHP

Roberts, C., Sarrasin, O., & Stähli, M. E. (2020). Investigating the relative impact of different sources of measurement non-equivalence in comparative surveys: An illustration with scale format, data collection mode and cross-national variations. Survey Research Methods, 14(4): 399-415. doi:10.18148/srm/2020.v14i4.7416 -> ESS

Roberts, C. Vandenplas, C., and Herzing, J. (2020). A Validation of R-Indicators as a Measure of the Risk of Bias using Data from a Nonresponse Follow-Up Survey. Journal of Official Statistics, 36(3): 675-701. -> ESS

Sapin, M., Joye, D. & Wolf, C. et al. (2020). The ISSP 2017 social networks and social resources modules. International Journal of Sociology, 50 (1), 1-25. doi: 10.1080/00207659.2020.1712157 -> MOSAiCH/ISSP

Sarrasin, O., Green, E. G. T., & van Assche, J. (2020). Consensual vs. heterogeneous conceptions of nationhood: The role of citizenship regimes and integration policies across 21 European countries. Social Indicators Research, 148, 987-1004. -> ISSP

Scott, M., Mohan, K., & Gauthier, J.-A. (2020). Model‐based clustering and analysis of life history data. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society – Series A. 183(3), 1231–1251. -> SHP

Thurre, F., Gale, J. & Staerklé, C. (2020). Speaking up or silencing out in the face of rising right-wing populism: A dynamic test of the spiral of silence across 15 European countries. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 32, 547-568. -> ESS

Vaccaro, G., Fernandes, A. & Huber, M. (2020). Gender Differences in Wage Expectations. arXiv:2003:11496 -> BFH, own survey

Vaccaro, G. & Neumark, D. (2020). The Career Evolution of the Sex Gap in Wages: Discrimination vs. Human Capital Investment. NBER 28191. -> NLSY97

Book chapters using FORS data

Book chapters using FORS data

Franklin M. N. & Lutz, G. (2020). Partisanship in the process of party choice. In Oscarsson, H., Holmberg, S. (eds.) Research Handbook on Political Partisanship. Edward Elgar. pp. 308-327. -> Selects

Karlsen, R., Lutz, G, & Öberg, P. (2020). Candidate Campaigns in Comparative Perspective. In De Winter, L., Karlsen R., Schmitt, H. (eds.) Parliamentary Candidates Between Voters and Parties. A Comparative Perspective. Routledge, p. 97-96. -> Selects

Lindholm A., Lutz G. (2020). Comparative candidate survey data and methods. In De Winter, L., Karlsen, R., Schmitt, H. (eds.) Parliamentary Candidates Between Voters and Parties. A Comparative Perspective. Routledge, p. 227-234. -> Selects

Staerklé, C., Gale, J., & Politi, E. (2020). The ambivalence of material vulnerability as a foundation for welfare attitudes: Social distrust or dissatisfaction with the system? In T. Laenen, B. Meuleman, & W. van Oorschot (Eds.). Welfare State Legitimacy in Times of Crisis and Austerity: Between Continuity and Change (pp. 68-90). Edward Elgar. -> ESS

Voorpostel, M., Lipps, O., and Roberts, C. (In press). Mixing modes in household panel surveys: Recent developments and new findings. In P.Lynn (Ed.) Advances in Longitudinal Survey Methodology, Wiley. -> SHP Mixed Mode Pilot Study


Articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters (not using FORS-related data but making a substantial contribution to the field)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

Aeby, G., Gauthier, J.-A., & Widmer, E. D. (2020). Patterns of Support and Conflict Relationships in Personal Networks and Perceived Stress. Current Sociology, 1-21.

Bernardi, L., Huinink, J., & Settersten Jr, R.A. (2020). The life course cube, reconsidered. Advances in Life Course Research, 45.

Bertogg, A., Strauß, S., & Vandecasteele, L. (2021). Linked lives, linked retirement? Relative income differences within couples and gendered retirement decisions in Europe. Advances in Life Course Research, 47, 100380. doi: -> EU-Silc

Christ, O., Schmid, K. Green, E.G.T. (in press). Macro-diversity and Intergroup Attitudes. In Osbourne, D., & Sibley, C.S. (Eds). Cambridge Handbook of Political Psychology.

Dixon, J., Elcheroth, G., Kerr, P., Drury, J., Albzour, M., Subašić, E., Durrheim, K., & Green, E. (2020). It’s not just ‘us’ versus ‘them’: Moving beyond binary perspectives on intergroup processes. European Review of Social Psychology, 31(1), 40‐75.

Elcheroth, G., & Drury, J. (2020). Collective resilience in times of crisis: Lessons from the literature for socially effective responses to the pandemic. British Journal of Social Psychology, 59(3), 703‐713.

Ganjour, O., Widmer, E. D., Viry, G., Gauthier, J.-A., Kaufmann, V., & Drevon, G. (2020). Understanding the reconstruction of personal networks through residential trajectories. Migration Letters. 17(5), 621-638.

Herzing, J. (2020). Investigation of alternative interface designs for long-list questions–the case of a computer-assisted survey in Germany. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 1-12.

Kanas, A.,& Steinmetz, S. (2020). Cross-national differences in the economic integration of immigrants with different admission statuses - the role of integration-inclusive policies. European Sociological Review (online first). -> EU-ad-hoc modules

Muñoz-Comet, J.; S. Steinmetz (2020): Trapped in precariousness? Risks and opportunities for female immigrants and natives transitioning from part-time jobs in Spain. Work, Employment and Society, online first, 1-20.

Politi, E., Staerklé, C., Chipeaux, M., & Lorenzi-Cioldi, F. (2020). More royalist than the king? Immigration policy attitudes among naturalized citizens. Political Psychology, 41, 607-625.

Politi, E., Roblain, A., Gale, J., Licata, L. & Staerklé, C. (2020). If you want to be one of us, then become like us: The evaluation of naturalization applicants by host nationals. European Journal of Social Psychology, 50, 839-856.

Recksiedler, C., & Bernardi, L. (2020). Changes in Legal Regulations, Parental Health and Well-Being, and Children’s Physical Custody Arrangements among Post-Separation Families in Switzerland. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 1-23.

Benneker, V.; Gërxhani, K.; S. Steinmetz (2020): Violating your own human rights? The role of social norms in compliance with human rights treaties. Social Inclusion, 8(1), 184-193.

Sánchez-Mira, N., & Bernardi, L. (2020). Relative time and life course research. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (online first).

Struffolino, E., Bernardi, L., & Larenza, O. (2020). Lone Mothers' Employment Trajectories: A Longitudinal Mixed-method Study. Comparative Population Studies, 45, 265-229.

Tilburg van, T.; Steinmetz, S. Stolte, E.; van Roest, H.; D. de Vries (2020): Loneliness and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: A study among Dutch older adults. The Journals of Gerontology Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences (online first).

Tresch, A., & Lauener, L. (2020). The (mis)use of statistics in referendum votes. In Baume, S., Boillet, V., & Martenet, V. (eds). Misinformation in Referenda. London: Routledge

Vandecasteele, L. & Fasang, A. E. (2021). Neighbourhoods, networks and unemployment: The role of neighbourhood disadvantage and local networks in taking up work. Urban Studies, 58(4), 696-714. -> UK Longitudinal Household Longitudinal Study "Understanding Society"


Working papers and other publications

Working papers & other publications

Asensio, M., Roberts, C, & Herzing, J. (2020). Mobile optimization strategies: Effects on web survey participation and fieldwork progression. -> Selects 2019 & Selects-Civique

Ehrler, F.; Monsch, G.-A.; S. Steinmetz (2020): Arbeitssituation im Lockdown und Erwartungen für die Zukunft. FORS Covid-19 Erhebungen, Faktenblatt N°3. Lausanne, Switzerland. -> MOSAiCH Covid

Ehrler, F.; Monsch, G.-A.; S. Steinmetz (2020): Wohlbefinden und Sorgen während dem Lockdown. FORS Covid-19 Erhebungen, Faktenblatt N°1. Lausanne, Switzerland. -> MOSAiCH Covid

Emery, K., & Berchtold, A. (2020). Comparison of two approaches in multichannel analysis. LIVES Working Papers 85. DOI: 10.12682/lives.2296-1658.2020.85

Di Nallo, A., Lipps, O., Oesch, D., & Voorpostel, M. (2020). The effect of unemployment on couples separating. Panel evidence for Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. DIAL Working Papers 14. -> SHP

Lipps, O., & Pekari, N. Sequentially mixing modes in an election survey. FORS Working Paper Series, paper 2020-3. Lausanne: FORS -> SELECTS 2015

Lutz, G., Lauener L. (2020). Measuring party affiliation. FORS Guides. -> Selects

Monsch, G.-A.; Ehrler, F., & S. Steinmetz (2020): Wohlbefinden und Sorgen während dem Lockdown. FORS Covid-19 Erhebungen, Faktenblatt N°2. Lausanne, Switzerland. -> MOSAiCH Covid

Oesch, D. & Vigna, N. (2020). A decline in the social status of the working class? Conflicting evidence for 8 Western countries, 1987-2017. LIVES Working papers, 83. doi:10.12682/LIVES.2296-1658.2020.83 -> ISSP, ESS

Pollien A., Herzing, J., Antal E., Preparation of survey data, 2020/12., FORS Guides

Sapin, M., Joye, D., Nisple, K, Reveilhac, M. & Steinmetz, S. (Eds.) (2020). International Social Survey Programme: ISSP 2018 – Religion IV: Study Monitoring Report, Lausanne.

Sarrasin, O., Pahlisch, C., & Elcheroth, G., (2020). Faut-il encore avoir peur des dragons (à notre âge) ? Ou comment dépasser les explications individualistes à l’inaction face au changement climatique. Bulletin de la Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles, 99, 5-12.

Staerklé, C. (2020). Social psychological aspects of a cultural approach to welfare attitudes. Leading social policy analysis from the front (Essays in honour of Wim van Oorschot). Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven.

Monsch, G.-A.; Nispen, K.; S. Steinmetz (2020): We don’t need more “Grabens” in Switzerland. DeFacto -> MOSAiCH Covid

Steinmetz, S.; G.-A. Monsch (2020): Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf während dem Lockdown. FORS Covid-19 Erhebungen, Faktenblatt N°4. Lausanne, Switzerland. -> MOSAiCH Covid

Tresch, A., Lauener, L., Bernhard, L., Lutz, G., & Scaperrotta, L. (2020). Élections fédérales 2019. Participation et choix électoral. Lausanne: FORS. DOI: 10.24447/SLC-2020-00002. -> Selects

Vaccaro, Giannina. Using Econometrics to Reduce the Gender Wage Gap: evidence from a Diff-in-Disc Design. -> SWSS, BC

Vaccaro, G., Basurto M.P., Beltran, A. & Montoya, M.. The Peruvian Gender Wage Gap. UP Working Paper. -> ENAHO

Vaccaro, G. & Villavicencio, J. "Hacia un esquema solidario y sostenible: Retos para una reforma del sistema de pensiones". Análisis Económico- Capitales. No 12. August, 2020


Completed PhD and MA theses

Completed PhD and MA theses

Natalia Aravena (supervisors: G. Lutz & L. Marquis): “What is the Most Important Problem facing the nation today?” Most Important Problems in France and Switzerland: analysis of their apprehension through the prism of individual characteristics. -> Selects

Zacharia Bady (supervisor: G. Elcheroth): Ethnicity and complex identities in times of uncertainty: A configurational approach to study multiple self‐positionings and their perceived recognition by others in social surveys (completed in December 2020) -> Compilation of survey and contextual data

Daniela Chacon-Mendoza (supervisor: C. Staerklé): Exploratory study of anti-populist attitudes and its correlates (defended in September 2020). -> Own data

Eder Andrés Guarin Rojas (co‐supervisors: L. Bernardi & G. Elcheroth): Different origins, different outcomes, unequal opportunities? The transition to adulthood among the descendants of immigrants in Switzerland (completed in September 2020)  -> SHP, LIVES-FORS cohort survey

Chloé de Martino (supervisor: O. Sarrasin): L’influence du chômage sur le bien-être des Suisses et Suissesses - Une étude de panel -> SHP

Shane Johnson (LIVES intern in the SHP team) (Supervisor: C. Roberts): Investigating the impact of switching to web in a longitudinal telephone survey: Potential effects on sample composition and attrition (defended January 2020, expert: Boris Wernli) -> LIVES Cohort Study

Nirosan Karunarajah – (Supervisor: C. Roberts): Usability issues of app-based surveys – a potential factor to respond via smartphone app? A case study approach (defended December 2020). -> Selects-Civique

Patrick McDonald (supervisor: D. Oesch): Family and employment: The impact of marriage and children on labour market outcomes -> SHP

Margarita Rakeviciute (SHP Intern) (supervisors: C. Roberts and M. Voorpostel): Is self-administered web data collection suitable for approaching new sample members in the context of the Swiss Household Panel survey? (defended May 2020, expert: Oliver Lipps) -> SHP Mixed Mode Pilot Study

Claire Semaani (supervisor: C. Roberts, with support from M. Ernst Stähli): Gender of interviewer effects and Social Desirability: Potential Bias in Survey Data – (defended January 2020, expert: Georg Lutz) -> ESS

Esther Surenthiraraj (supervisor: G. Elcheroth): Remembering, narrating, and constructing identity: A reading of Sri Lanka’s postwar conjuncture (completed in December 2020) -> Compilation of qualitative and archival data

Andrea Wildi (supervisor: B. Wernli): Modelization of victory in 1st English league football matches (July 2020) -> Web scrapped data

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