Department of Biomedical Sciences

Bacterial surface properties influence the activityof the TAT-RasGAP 317-326 antimicrobial...
Maria Georgieva, Tytti Heinonen, Alessandra Vitale, Simone Hargraves, Senka Causevic, Trestan Pillonel, Leo Eberl, Christian Widmann and Nicolas Jacquier
An Injectable Meta-Biomaterial: From Design and Simulation to In Vivo Shaping and...
Amélie Béduer, Fabien Bonini, Connor A Verheyen, Martina Genta, Mariana Martins, Joé Brefie-Guth, Josefine Tratwal, Aleksandra Filippova, Patrick Burch, Olaia Naveiras, Thomas Braschler
Human Oligodendrocytes and Myelin In Vitro to Evaluate Developmental Neurotoxicity
Megan Chesnut, Thomas Hartung, Helena Hogberg, and David Pamies
The proteolytic landscape of cells exposed to non-lethal stresses is shaped by executioner...
María del Carmen Conde-Rubio, Roman Mylonas and Christian Widmann
Age-dependent appearance of SARS-CoV-2 entry sites in mouse chemosensory systems...
Julien Brechbühl, Ana Catarina Lopes, Dean Wood, Sofiane Bouteiller, Aurélie de Vallière, Chantal Verdumo & Marie-Christine Broillet
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