Thomas Hoppe.jpg

Thomas Hoppe
EPTP 2023

I recently completed the EPTP, and I am happy to share some experiences. For me, this program offered by UNIL was really exceptional.
What I would like to highlight the most are the networking opportunities it provided. Based on the interactive classroom sessions and social events, I had the chance to connect with professionals from various backgrounds.
The lecturers were highly knowledgeable and passionate about their topics, making the course engaging and enjoyable. The content was well-structured and included both, fundamental and advanced topics. It also covered very recent topics such as Pillar I and Pillar II with up-to-date information. The comprehensive course materials continue to be a solid knowledge base.
I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in transfer pricing.


Adrien Soumagne
Bredin Prat
EPTP 2023

Transfer pricing is at the crossroads of today’s major tax issues faced by companies, their advisors and tax authorities and the EPTP is a unique opportunity to deep dive in this field by learning from world-class experts on current hot topics such as the two-pillar solution. As a tax lawyer mainly specialized in mergers and acquisitions, this program helped me gaining a great understanding of the interactions between transfer pricing and my daily practice. For this reason, I strongly recommend the EPTP to tax professionals looking to expand their skills.
While being dense, the courses are also quite accessible thanks to the talent of the speakers. The materials provided (presentations, case studies, etc.) are of great quality and I am sure that I will refer to my EPTP courses whenever needed. The organization of the program is also excellent thanks to Natacha.
Finally, the EPTP has also been an excellent opportunity to network with other tax professionals coming from different countries in an unformal manner.

Susanna Lisitano.jpg

Susanna Lisitano
EY Italy
EPTP 2023

The key word of the EPTP is definitely "sharing." Sharing of the latest relevant topics on international taxation and transfer pricing by brilliant and engaging lecturers. Sharing of interesting experiences by professionals with different academic and professional backgrounds. Last but not least, sharing of leisure moments at the wonderful Lac Leman. I am very pleased to have contributed to these moments of valuable sharing.

Esther Kang.jpg

Esther Kang
Sunstar Suisse SA
EPTP 2023

I came across this EPTP by chance. Transfer pricing is a new world for me and there is so much to learn about it. The decision to sign up for this program was one of the best that I have made in my professional career. Although I was very anxious on the first day of the program, the students, and lecturers I came across made me at ease, and the topics discussed throughout the 20 days of the program were very interesting and enriching. I gained deeper understanding regarding the underlying principles of transfer pricing, international taxation, the objectives of OECD initiatives etc. My ongoing personal goal now is to reflect upon what I have learned, and continue to explore the world of transfer pricing, and its application of the learnings in my professional career.
EPTP has also given me a wonderful opportunity to network with other professionals coming from different countries and backgrounds. I am very happy to have met some new friends through this course and I look forward to crossing their paths again soon.
I take this opportunity also to say a big thank you to the organizers in making this EPTP a success.

Jakob Jung.jpg

Jakob Jung
WTS Germany
EPTP 2023

The EPTP 2023 at the UNIL exceeded my expectations, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date education in transfer pricing. The program's integration of OECD, UN, and EU developments and insights into the Two-Pillar solution showcased its contemporary relevance.
We were guided by experienced faculty, interactive sessions, including case studies, bridged theory, and real-world application. These discussions gave me the confidence and skills to navigate complex transfer pricing challenges better. Furthermore, the diverse group of participants fostered enriching and entertaining discussions and the networking opportunities were great, providing insights beyond the classroom.
Many thanks to all involved!

Samson Jacca-resize120x140.jpg

Samson Jacca
Novartis Pharma AG
EPTP 2022

It was a privilege to join the EPTP 2022 program with a large group of participants with diverse experiences. We made strong connections that will go beyond the course itself.

The faculty of EPTP 2022 was second to none. We had professionals with impressive depth and breadth of knowledge in their areas of expertise and I strongly recommend the course to anyone looking to further their knowledge in Transfer Pricing. You will not be disappointed!

Vanessa Diaz-resize120x147.jpg

Vanessa Diaz
EPTP 2022

Looking back when I took the decision to register for the program I knew it was going to be a great opportunity to learn not only from the faculty but also from my colleagues, who made a 12-hour long flight from Lima worth it.

Carmen Roth-resize120x120.jpg

Carmen Roth
Pestalozzi Rechtsanwälte AG
EPTP 2022

Even though the EPTP focuses on recent topics of TP, it combines a wide range of tax law issues related to corporate tax and procedural aspects, such as administrative and mutual assistance in tax matters.

The EPTP takes place in an international environment – lecturers from different countries and various areas (European Commission, SIF, Tax authorities, consulting - and law firms) share their knowledge from a theoretical point of view and address relevant practical issues.

The courses are held in an interactive environment – be it with participants or lecturers. This important exchange not only makes the content more comprehensive, but also enabled me to be informed about the most recent TP issues from a practical perspective.

Also, the reading materials and case studies were of high quality and included recent trends in TP.

The University Campus of Lausanne, the organization of the EPTP and the organized social events by the Tax Policy Center contribute to a perfect atmosphere and form a coherent whole.

If it were possible, I would complete the EPTP every year.

Many thanks to the Tax Policy Center- UNIL, the lecturers and colleagues for this great experience.

I wish you all the best for your professional and private goals!

Lorraine Christine Kleiner 1-resize120x87.jpg

Lorraine Christine Kleiner
Roche Diagnostics International
EPTP 2022

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing allowed me to enrich my knowledge, both practical and theoretical, in Transfer Pricing in a significant way. The scope of the program is not limited to Switzerland or even to one industry. A large number of countries and industries were represented by both the Guest Speakers and the participants.

In addition to the enriching and exciting courses, the organisational team brilliantly organised not only the program but also the exchange opportunities after the courses. This makes the program even more enriching. 

I strongly recommend this program!

Maria Carolina Graterol-resize120x154.png

Maria Carolina Graterol
Rosen Swiss AG
EPTP 2022

The past 7-8 years have seen some major changes come to international tax. Eager to further my understanding of these new changes, I decided to seek an Executive Program that could clearly and efficiently unpack them. 

As Head of Tax of Rosen Group, it was critical for me to be able to fully understand the impact these changes would have not only for our stakeholders and for Rosen, but also for International Tax as a whole. 

It is almost impossible nowadays for tax specialists to keep up with all the changes coming to international tax. The Executive Program I completed at the University of Lausanne exceeded all of my expectations; the curriculum was thorough and the lecturers offered a comprehensive view of all the new and upcoming changes in International Tax. 

I can only add I would highly recommend this program for any tax specialist interested in further deepening their understanding of international tax.

Nathanael Zahnd-resize120x149.jpg

Nathanael Zahnd
Swiss Tax Administration
EPTP 2022

Having worked in the area of transfer pricing for several years already, I can highly recommend the EPTP as a unique opportunity to acquire both up-to-date theoretical knowledge on current TP-related developments in the area of international tax and gain at the same time broad and deep practical insights into various industries and business models. With this combination, the program ensures a rigorous, yet hands-on understanding of complex TP issues that are relevant for practitioners from business, consulting and tax administrations alike. The world of international tax is small - the one of TP even smaller. During these fews months in Lausanne, invaluable contacts are made and friendships built. 

Caroline Saleil-resize120x120.png

Caroline Saleil
EPTP 2022

I had a really enriching experience in the EPTP program. The scope of the program is very large and we learn much, both on theoretical and practical sides. The teachers are mainly practitioners, which helps getting direct and practical feedback on the application of the theoretical rules in several fields. The attendees also are a sound ground of learning in a friendly atmosphere. 


Robert Luvuuma
Uganda Revenue Authority
EPTP 2022

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) significantly enhanced my knowledge, experience and confidence in assessing and auditing transfer pricing issues. Each module is taught by a team of leading experts from Consulting firms, Law firms, Tax Administrations, in-house tax professionals and international tax policy setting organizations such as the OECD. The faculty imparts practical skills and knowledge through utilization of real life case studies, assignments and discussion of cases or issues which participants encountered in their workplace. In addition, studying takes place once a month which allows participants ample time not only to read the study materials, but also to apply the knowledge acquired. Furthermore, the program structure includes transfer pricing challenges in specialized and complex industrial sectors such as financial services, commodity trading and pharmaceuticals among others. The program boosted my understanding of such sectors, including identifying key value drivers and how they contribute to sustainable competitive advantages.  I have applied the principles and knowledge acquired to progress two audit cases to position paper stage with tentative additional tax of sixteen million dollars (USD 16M).             

Additionally, the program was attended by participants from Europe, Latin America and Africa with varying experience in transfer pricing in different industrial sectors which enabled maximum and thorough interactions with lecturers. I highly recommend this program especially to officers who manage transfer pricing compliance of MNEs in African tax administration because it will equip them with practical skills and knowledge to protect their country’s tax base.   

Stéphane Favre-resize120x148.png

Stéphane Favre
EPTP 2022

I had the pleasure to take part in the EPTP course 2022. For one, the content was very rich and enriched by a quite vast group of practitioners from consulting, industries, academia and authorities. It is a quite unique opportunity to deep dive in TP topics – theoretical and practical - and be able to exchange with lecturers as well as other member of the course, who bring also with them their own experiences. For the other, the organization is well handled by Natacha, who deserves praises for her flexibility and the organization of opportunities to exchange with the participants of the course outside the classroom.


giacomo rossi-resize120x180.png

Giacomo Rossi
EY Studio Legale Tributario
EPTP 2021

The Executive Program in Transfer Program (EPTP) offered by Université de Lausanne is a unique academic program for both tax practitioners and economists who want to have a deep knowledge of any aspects of transfer pricing. In my opinion, the uniqueness of EPTP is the opportunity to analyze several TP aspects under different points of view (from tax authorities and OECD experts to tax advisors and in-house tax counsels of MNEs) and from an international perspective.
I strongly recommend this program, especially to tax and finance professionals who would like to advance their familiarity with TP and international tax law aspects and to share their work experiences with highly qualified lecturers and other participants coming from all over the world.

Paolo Cima Politi-resize120x131.jpg

Paolo Cima Politi
Maisto e Associati
EPTP 2021

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing was an excellent opportunity to acquire and consolidate my transfer pricing knowledge. The course is well-structured and each lecture provides both a comprehensive theoretical framework and several practical examples. The key value driver that allows this course to stand out is definitely the teaching faculty, whose members are tax professionals, professors and economists with a strong experience in transfer pricing and related fields. Thanks to their expertise my colleagues and I were able to gain deep and valuable insights on different industries and to understand what are the current and relevant issues in an increasing digitalized economy.
Furthermore, most of the lectures were complemented with interesting and challenging group case studies aimed at getting a good grasp of the matters discussed. 
Even though the 6th edition of the EPTP was conducted online it was managed exceptionally and I did not encounter any difficulties in following the lectures and there was still the possibility to have high quality class discussions.
The main advantage of providing the program online consists in allowing people who would not have the chance to attend in person to still participate.
I strongly recommend the program to anyone who would like to have a clear and deep understating of transfer pricing and its applications.


Godfried Kinnegim
Allen & Overy LLP
EPTP 2021

The 2021 EPTP has been a very rewarding course for me. It has provided great insights in the complex world of transfer pricing; a multi-disciplinary world which is in constant flux. This year, the entire program was taught online. It is a challenge to attend monthly three-day courses on-line while running an active tax practice; particularly as it is so much easier to switch off from an on-line session than if we would have been at the UNIL. However, the attractiveness of the program and the quality of the lecturers drew my attention each time I attended.
The learning curve of the 2021 EPTP is steep, yet it does not require in depth knowledge of transfer pricing per se. As long as one spends time to read the materials beforehand, the time spent at the sessions pays off big time.
I really enjoyed the clever set-up of the program. First the scene is set and subsequently, bit by bit, the elements of transfer pricing are revealed in detail and discussed. One of the best things of the 2021 EPTP is the involvement of the (often very senior) in-house tax counsel, ranging from representatives of the traditional industries to those of companies which are exemplary for the digital economy. These lecturers were able to show which decisions need to be made on a daily basis and how to go about.
I would recommend the 2021 EPTP to everyone interested in transfer pricing, from all levels. And please allow me to mention that the quality of the students very much contributed to the program, both because of the quality of questions asked as for thoughts exchanged. Many thanks to the faculty and staff for organizing the 2021 EPTP and hopefully courses of the 2022 EPTP can be organized at the Swiss UNIL premises again.

Rodrigo Ruberti-resize120x122.png

Rodrigo Ruberti
Atoz SA
EPTP 2021

The online edition of the 2021 EPTP has been a great opportunity for me to build a good basis of the transfer pricing principles and to get updated on the on-going discussions involving the taxation of the digital economy.
In general, the quality of the program is very high and allows every participant to have interactive discussions with outstanding lecturers and colleagues.
I would definitely recommend the program to any tax professional like me, who is not strictly focused on transfer pricing but who acknowledges the importance of this international tax field and aims at developing a good theoretical and practical knowledge of its principles.


Garima Mahlawat
EPTP 2021

I joined the Transfer Pricing certification course from the University of Lausanne. What I liked the most about the course was the in-depth and comprehensive details covered around TP, past, current and future trends in TP, all taught under different modules as the course progresses.
The faculty at UNIL is excellent, drawing lecturers from the current practitioners in the field of TP. Also in particular, detailed attention was paid to the online delivery of the modules due to covid-19 with the overall course seamlessly coordinated.

If someone is looking for either a career in transfer pricing or wanting to add to his/her current knowledge about TP, this is the right course for you.

Piotr Tokarski-resize120x126.jpg

Piotr Tokarski
Sandoz AG (Part of Novartis group)
EPTP 2021

Since my new role involves more operational transfer pricing, I joined the 2021 EPTP which was recommended to me by the colleagues who completed this course in the past.
I must say, it is the best post-graduate course I have attended so far. Well organized with highly skilled and experienced professionals, this course ensures very solid and comprehensive learning on transfer pricing, combining theory and practical examples.
It is important to mention, that despite the difficult situation due to COVID-19, I was able to fully benefit from the online learning, without any hurdles. Much thanks for that to Mrs. Fauconnier and Professor Chand for great organization and making it possible. I can strongly recommend this training to anyone interested in Transfer Pricing, it is surely an excellent education.


Asta Rudzikiene


EPTP 2021

I would like to give only very positive feedback on the course.
I would recommend this course to my colleagues and friends, and anyone interested in deeper TP studies.


Frederico Fonseca-resize120x123.jpg

Frederico Fonseca

Rolim, Viotti, Goulart, Cardoso Advogados

EPTP 2021

It has been an amazing experience to attend the 6th EPTP online edition.
Overall, I’m really very well impressed with the quality of the sessions, the lecturers, the reading materials, and the students.
In my opinion, attending an online course is a great opportunity for people like me, from outside the EU, to benefit from the high quality discussions, without the need to travel.
Also, the opportunity of networking during the case studies discussions was really productive. I’m really grateful for being part of this selected group.

Michelle Whyte-resize120x127.png

Michelle Whyte
Dufry International AG
EPTP 2020

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing is an efficient and effective way to learn more about transfer pricing rules, practices and approaches.
The course syllabus includes an impressive range of transfer pricing topics delivered by expert lecturers from academia, industry and advisory firms.  
A cohort of international accounting, tax and legal participants further complements the experience. 
The EPTP keeps you engaged through interesting class discussions as well as smaller break-out sessions for analysis of relevant case studies.  
Without hesitation, I would recommend this program to all professionals involved in transfer pricing.

patrick manga-resize120x129.png

Patrick Manga
Grant Thornton Audit Cameroun
EPTP 2020

As a day-to-day tax practitioner and a business lawyer, I had a general understanding of transfer pricing and thought I had a rough idea of its impact on a company's business results, but that was before I was admitted to the EPTP program at the University of Lausanne.
The EPTP program in Lausanne opened my eyes to the invisible reality hard to perceive because I had a somewhat narrowed vision on the subject. This program which is a mix of theoretical principles and practical experience feedback from around the world, lays a particular emphasis on the real and current nature of the teachings and information received and thus places us at the very center of the debate and the economic stakes.
Beyond the diversified profiles of the participants, which give us the opportunity to understand the priorities of related and neighbouring professions on transfer pricing, it is above all the level and experience on the subject of the various speakers that contribute to the quality of this program. I recommend it to anyone who would like to have an excellent understanding of a science which is not inherently exact, and whose mastery necessarily involves contact with various approaches and solutions from various sectors, for the resolution of a single problem.


photo Rosana Ravelli-resize120x160.jpg

Rossana Ravelli
UniCredit Group
EPTP 2020

You may have heard that transfer pricing is not black and white, not an exact science, but more an art! This is so true and challenging that you need to have solid background. I joined the 2020 edition of the Executive Program in Transfer Pricing and I do recommend it to everyone is interested in starting or consolidating his/her career in such an interesting area. The level of lectures is excellent and the program is a well balanced mix of theoretical explanations and practical cases.
The remote connection due to the pandemic situation didn’t help the networking, but the lectures, Vikram and Natacha did everything possible and were great in making the program lively and interesting!

photo Javier Garcia-resize120x165.png

Javier Garcia Berdonce
Nordex Group
EPTP 2020

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing is very comprehensive covering the most relevant transfer pricing matters. The background of the different speakers was really valuable, specially to delve into the different topics.
Due to the COVID-19 special situation we had to attend the sessions online. However, this was not a problem at all, since the organization of the program was practically perfect. I would definitely recommend the EPTP to everyone interested in transfer pricing issues.


photo céline martin-1-resize120x154.jpg

Céline Martin
Homburger AG
EPTP 2020

The EPTP is a unique opportunity to hear about the latest transfer pricing topics from excellent international speakers across industries, as well as from policy making (OECD) and tax administrations. The program brings together a stringent overview of up-to-date theory with practical experiences. The documentation provided is of very high quality and well selected. While discussing the case studies, I very much enjoyed getting to know the other participants and their background, and discussing the cases from different angles. The program was organized smoothly throughout the sessions and all in all, I can highly recommend the EPTP to anyone involved with transfer pricing.

Photo yukti-1-resize120x124.jpg

Yukti Sitani
EPTP 2020

Attending the 5th edition of EPTP was a special experience this year, because of Covid-19 the entire course was conducted online through Cisco WebEx. In such difficult and unique times Vikram and Natacha, through their focus and commitment, managed to arrange the sessions in an exceptional way. Of course it goes without saying that all the lecturers conducted the sessions in a very energetic way and made sure that we do not lose focus and achieve maximum from the sessions. I really enjoyed the sessions, and it was a great learning experience. I strongly recommend this course in transfer pricing organized by the University of Lausanne. It is the perfect blend between well targeted theoretical review of transfer pricing concepts and practical solution orientated inputs from highly qualified practitioners.

Photo Anja Benz-1-resize120x160.jpg

Anja Benz
SIG Combibloc Services AG
EPTP 2020

I joined the Executive Program in Transfer Pricing to gain a deeper knowledge on the technical aspects of transfer pricing and to learn from practical experiences. My expectations were fully met. Qualified speakers with diverse backgrounds (authorities, in-house experts, consultants) covered various areas of transfer pricing with a very balanced mix of theory, case studies and best practices. Due to the COVID-19 situation all courses were conducted via WebEx and at the beginning I was a bit skeptical about this, however my concerns were unfounded. The speakers managed this special situation very well and the organization of the program was very good.

Photo Emilia Siravo-resize120x169.jpg

Emilia Siravo
Swiss Reinsurance Corporation
EPTP 2020

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing offers an excellent overview of key Transfer Pricing topics including, but not limited to, a deep dive into the OECD guidelines (in particular the Arm's Length Principle), an overview of Financial Accounting and Valuation relevant for Transfer Pricing managers, and insights into Business Restructurings and the potential implications on Transfer Pricing. The program is well structured, provides a good mix between theoretical research and practical case studies, and is taught by some of the world's leading experts in the field including Prof. Dr. Vikram Chand.  I can highly recommend the program to anyone interested in learning more about the dynamic and increasingly important field of Transfer Pricing.

photo alexandre-resize120x126.jpg

Alexandre Loucq
Atlas Copco / Chicago Pneumatic
EPTP 2020

When I discovered this program, I did not hesitate a long time to register. And I do not regret this investment!
Coming from finance, I am facing increasing TP matters when working with my Group. That's why joining this program was a great opportunity to improve knowledge and to discover additional aspects that need to beware when supporting business.

This training was quite particular and challenging to perform in that pandemic period, but what a success!
Very flexible at the time of Digitalization, this program provided me with plenty of diverse backgrounds from participants and practitioners, from various sectors and countries that really enriched the program and my network.
It was a well-designed program covering all the current hot TP topics, mixing theory, practical approach and professional experiences. The provided supporting documentation was abundant and will be very helpful in day to day work life.

catharina gramm-resize120x116.png

Catharina Gramm
SIG Combibloc Services AG
EPTP 2019

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing is a good opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the transfer pricing area and follow-up on the latest developments. Qualified lecturers bring theory together with practical aspects. They share inside perspectives from the developments of organizations such as the OECD and advise on best practice based on their practical experience. The interactive sessions with participants with a large diversity of professional backgrounds lead to interesting discussions. The concept of the program as well as the organization is very good.
I can highly recommend the EPTP to everyone involved with transfer pricing.

Sébastien Maury-resize120x131.jpg

Sébastien Maury
Bianchischwald Sàrl
EPTP 2019

I really enjoyed the EPTP at the Université de Lausanne. I learned a lot about the different technical aspects of Transfer Pricing from very skilled and competent international presenters. Several speakers from in-house positions added a lot of practical insights to the technical aspects. The diversity of the participants, both from a background and origin perspective added a lot of value to the great discussions we had. I would definitely do it again and in other words strongly recommend that program.

kaspar Puorger-resize120x128.jpg

Kaspar Puorger
Banco Itau SA
EPTP 2019

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) provides a comprehensive introduction to the most important aspects of transfer pricing. It is a well-designed combination of the OECD’s theoretical framework and practical implications of transfer pricing in various industries. The diverse backgrounds of speakers (tax authorities, OECD, in-house tax experts, tax consultants) provide insightful information and help to better understand the different positions and focus of the various stakeholders. Additionally, the program is a great opportunity to increase the professional network bringing together colleagues from various backgrounds, industries and countries. I strongly recommend the program to any person that wants to develop a robust understanding of transfer pricing.

Roland Britt-resize158x145-resize120x110.jpg

Roland Britt
UBS Business Solutions AG
EPTP 2019

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) at the UNIL’s tax policy center brings together top-class speakers from the OECD, Tax Advisors, Multinational Enterprises' Tax Departments, Tax Administrations as well as Academics with an international audience of experienced practitioners. I particularly learned a lot about transfer pricing issues in other industries and the vivid discussion of the realistic case studies presented during the lectures helped me to look at transfer pricing issues from different perspectives. I have experienced the EPTP as very well organised and the documentation provided often serves me as a reference book in my daily work. I can fully recommend the EPTP to anybody involved in cross-border transactions within a Multinational Enterprise.

Gautier Vallat-resize120x120.png

Gautier Vallat
Sandoz AG (Part of Novartis group)
EPTP 2019

I strongly recommend the executive program in transfer pricing organized by the University of Lausanne. It is the perfect blend between well targeted theoretical review of transfer pricing concepts and practical and solution orientated inputs from highly qualified practitioners. Coming from a finance background with limited experience in international tax I was surprised how well structured the program is and how easy it was for me to catch up on the different topics. The evolution of the transfer pricing environment has also been covered by recognized experts in the matters allowing participants to understand the challenges of the upcoming changes in  transfer pricing regulations. I’d like to thank Natacha Fauconnier, Vikram Chand and Professor Danon for putting together such a great program and I strongly recommend anyone working in a multinational and exposed to transfer pricing to enroll in the next editions of the program.


Gaurang R Sanghavi
Sanghavi & Co, Chartered Accountants
EPTP 2019

Attending the fourth edition of EPTP (2019) was a truly memorable experience for me. The faculty during the entire course was diverse, topnotch and the learning experience was both stimulating and challenging. The icing on the cake was the camaraderie that I made with the entire class and there was never a dull moment. The course opened up a gateway for what will hopefully be a lifetime journey of learning in transfer pricing. I strongly recommend this course for those who wish to study Transfer Pricing both from an academic and a practitioner point of view. My sincere gratitude to Prof. Dr. Danon, Dr. Vikram Chand and the entire faculty for designing the course and the study material and to Mrs. Natacha for the wonderful administrative arrangements. 

Philip Goppelsroeder-resize120x163.jpg

Philipp Goppelsroeder
Sandoz AG (Part of Novartis group)
EPTP 2019

I joined the Transfer Pricing Executive Program, because my company expanded my finance role into the operational area of transfer pricing. My expectation was to get quickly (5 times 3 days) a good grasp of the burning BEPS related topics and associated risks for the MNE industry in a comprehensive and structured way. Theory and case studies are nicely balanced and the lecturers (TP consultants, members of country’s competent authorities, TP managers of MNE) are very experienced. I highly recommend this Program to anyone, who is either new to the topic of transfer pricing or keen to know more about it.

Fabian Arnold-resize120x147.png

Fabian Arnold
United Grinding Group Management AG
EPTP 2019

The EPTP is a great course to extends one's knowledge in the area of transfer pricing. The scope of discussed transfer pricing topics through a balanced mixture of lecturers from industry specialists, academics and tax authority representatives, provides a diversified and balanced insight into the current state and the developments of the regulations concering transfer pricing.

Valentin Rolle-resize120x175.png

Valentin Rolle
Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance
EPTP 2019

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing was a very exciting and a fruitful experience. The expertise of the professeur(e)s combined with the dynamic of the class rendered the lessons very interesting. The course covered heaps of actual Transfer Pricing topics and the case studies helped a lot to understand the practical implication of the principles. To summarise: -highly recommended.

Simon Hoffmann-resize120x115.jpg

Simon Hoffmann
Dr. August Oetker KG
EPTP 2019

Due to the international nature of cross-border tax transfer pricing, an international group of participants from all over the world came together to join the expert program in transfer pricing at UNIL’s tax policy center. Personally, the fourth edition of the expert program in transfer pricing gave me the opportunity to deep dive into OECD’s transfer pricing perspective. Moreover, it was enriching to discuss transfer pricing issues with lecturers from international tax administrations, consultancy companies and research institutions enjoying high reputation within international transfer pricing environment. The structure of the program included both, classes arranged by chapters as well as case studies with a more integrated view on either design of transfer pricing or discussions within tax audits.

Pevrine Bonny-resize120x143.jpg

Pevrine Bonny
PPG Industries Europe Sàrl
EPTP 2019

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) is a high-level course offering a great opportunity to gain knowledge in transfer pricing with highly qualified lecturers coming from Consulting firms, Industry and Tax authorities. This education program is well-balanced with theory, practical cases and exchange of  professional experiences.
I am thankful to the EPTP team for the quality of the course, as well as the documentation and the organization they provided. Besides the professionalism of the organizers, I was very lucky to be part of a team of participants who came from various backgrounds and whose enthusiasm and involvement made me enjoy the course.
I strongly recommend the EPTP course to anyone seeking to improve their knowledge about transfer pricing, challenging and increasingly important subject.

Nadia Bouzenzana-1-resize158x179-resize120x135.jpg

Nadia Bouzenzana
EPTP 2019

I joined this Executive program as an International trade and State Aid expert, to build up my knowledge in the international taxation and transfer pricing area, on compliance, legal frameworks, applicability to better support my business . I strongly recommend this program to all trade customs and state aid experts to better understand and protect their company better with customs, indirect tax and state aid issues. This class is an amazing opportunity to learn with high profiles lecturers known worldwide in the field and professionals handling significant live cases within different businesses. It opens new perspectives and horizon. If you’re working in a multinational, this Program is a must. And importantly enough I’ve also met great people and made friends. I’d like to truly thank Natacha Fauconnier, Vikram Chand and Professor Danon for providing and continuing enhancing this program and developing people in this fascinating field.

Denis Amici-resize120x140.jpg

Denis Amici
Unicredit Group
EPTP 2019

An experience abroad is always a moment in which we ask ourselves to give more efforts. It takes focus, personality and passion. Expectations are very high. I joined EPTP to deeply understand transfer pricing and my expectations are totally met.
I found an effective Faculty coming from different fields (academia, top consulting firms, MNEs and revenue services) with a perfect balance of theoretical and practical experience. I also had the unique opportunity to extend my network to clever classmates and share with them viewpoints, worries and sometimes dreams. I strongly recommend Executive Program in Transfer Pricing to anyone who doesn't want to stop learning in its life.

Alissa Fedi-resize120x137.jpg

Alissa Fedi
Taxalis Consulting
EPTP 2018

I had experience in International Tax but a limited know-how in Transfer Pricing, so I decided to enrol on the Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) to learn about this hot and always more important topic. 
I learnt a lot not only about Transfer Pricing, functional analysis and methods, but also about many other concepts involved in this field: business models in different sectors, supply chains, business restructuring, laws and cases in many jurisdictions. 
My expectations were fully met: the course was very challenging and really provided a wide-ranging view. 
EPTP was well structured by Dr. Vikram Chand and Prof. Danon and was a perfect mix of theory and practical cases on each topic. 
I had the unique possibility of meeting a lot of professionals and representatives of big multinational companies who shared their knowledge with us. And in the class I found some good friends too.
I am proud I was part of this program and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and advance in Transfer Pricing, open his mind and get inspired.

Louis  Ballivet-resize120x157.jpg

Louis Ballivet
University of Geneva
EPTP 2018

The EPTP has been a great experience for me. As a PhD candidate, I needed to acquire more practical knowledge as well research material. My expectations were fully met thanks to experienced lecturers but also to a pool of very competent participants. I believe that the strength of this program is the skill, availableness and kindness of high quality lecturers. The networking opportunities offered are quiet unique as well. I would like to express my profound gratitude to Dr. Vikram Chand, executive director of the program who helped me immensely with my doctoral dissertation. He is a great researcher, a great teacher but more importantly a great friend.

Emanuela Buono nouvelle photo-resize158x128-resize120x97.jpg

Emanuela Buono
Enel Green Power
EPTP 2018

I enrolled in the Transfer Pricing Executive Program to increase my knowledge of international taxation and to gain a better understanding of the tax issues multinational clients may have.
The course allowed me to build a solid theoretical background in transfer pricing and, at same time, to have practical testimonials from TP experts working with in- house multinational companies and tow consulting firms.
I strongly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in a TP career or interested to further their knowledge in international tax matters.


Tim Van Brederode
University of Amsterdam
EPTP 2018

The Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) is a demanding and intriguing course about an utterly relevant topic, that has just started to take form. Transfer pricing will be continously challenging for academics, consultant specialist and government (tax) representatives for many years and this program provides an outlook and seat on the front row of the current debates. A great mixture between theoretical classes and practical cases in the heart of vibrant Lausanne. I am very grateful to have met all the lecturers, fellow students and dr. Vikram Chand for their contributions to an inspirational place of sharing knowledge.

Cansu Bagran Ilhan_Photo-resize120x127.jpg

Cansu Bagran Ilhan
ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
EPTP 2017

The EPTP was very inspirational and energizing as it brought in substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, facilitated discussions among participants, allowed learning from experiences of guest speakers being fully practice-oriented.


Guy Säuberli

EPTP 2017

As tax advisor for multinational enterprises, I have been faced with numerous transfer pricing cases.
The topic of transfer pricing is going the be more and more important in years to come, following the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.

I had to improve my capacities in dealing with transfer pricing cases; therefore I decided to follow the Executive Program in Transfer Pricing (EPTP) at the University of Lausanne.
The EPTP was very interesting and provided a complete overview of all the transfer pricing topics that multinational enterprises are facing.
Having followed this course, I am much more confident in handling transfer pricing cases.
The teachers and the teaching material were very good.
There was also a good balance between theory and practice.
I can only recommend following the EPTP.

Jean Christophe-resize120x136.jpg

Jean-Christophe Targé
EPTP 2017

EPTP was a great experience for me. It was a unique opportunity to gain knowledge in transfer pricing. The course is a well-balanced mix between interventions of great experts in transfer pricing and practical cases. The speakers have all a great academic background and are either top notch academics or outstanding tax experts in consulting or industrial companies. Practical group cases allow for team discussion and for a concrete approach and a practical application of the concepts presented in class. I would strongly recommend the EPTP program to anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and skills in transfer pricing.


Lukas Stähli
Liebherr-International AG

EPTP 2017

I had a great time during the second edition of the EPTP at the UNIL. The high-level quality courses as well as the knowledge exchange with experienced lecturers and participants from different countries and industries were very valuable for the daily work and helped me to achieve the next level in my career. I am very thankful to the EPTP course directorate having provided such high-class education and would strongly recommend the classes to anyone who is interested in transfer pricing related topics as well as in the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical application.


Marco Zumbühl
Ernst & Young

EPTP 2017

The EPTP Program is a great course for anyone who wants to deepen its knowledge in the area of transfer pricing. The wide array of discussed transfer pricing topics and the good mixture of lecturers which encompasses industry specialists, academics and government representatives, provide a diversified and well-balanced insight into the field of transfer pricing. I particularly also enjoyed the continuous exchange with fellow students. The diversified background of the course participants and the relatively small class size let to interesting conversations and allowed to broaden ones horizon in relation to how TP matters are addressed within different sectors. All in all, the EPTP course has been very enriching and can be highly recommended to anyone who seeks to intensify its knowledge in an area of tax that is becoming increasingly important.


Nathalie Pellanda Gaud
EPTP 2017

The EPTP is a very good program to acquire TP theoretical knowledge but also to apply the theory to practical cases. This program is  a great opportunity to exchange and learn from high level speakers coming from academic, advisory, industry and as well from government. I would recommend this program to anyone who seeks to acquire or expand TP knowledge.


Oliver Untersander
Tappolet & Partner 

EPTP 2017

The EPTP provides a perfect mix of the theoretical framework of the TP-rules on the one hand and their practical application on the other hand. The good balance between theory and practice enables the participants to navigate through all TP-issues. This is particularly true due to the lecturers. They are all highly skilled specialists, absolute experts in their field, and well selected: They are inhouse-counsels, represent tax authorities, or come from advisory/law firms. As participant, you get insights into the TP-world which you get nowhere else. I had a perfect time in Lausanne – at levels.


Piotr Drobnik
Baxter Healthcare SA

EPTP 2017

EPTP is a great program for anyone who wants to acquire or expand its transfer pricing knowledge. It lays out theoretical foundation of transfer pricing with reference to OECD materials. This is then supported by practical examples and case studies. The course covers all key areas of transfer pricing and features high-caliber speakers from academia, advisory, government and industry. It is a truly international program involving experts from around the globe. It also provides a great opportunity to network and exchange experiences with the fellow students. It is this transfer pricing course that you should attend if you work in Tax in Switzerland.


Satu Fallenborg

EPTP 2017

It is hard to imagine that a transfer pricing program could be any deeper and more thorough than the Executive Program in Transfer Pricing at Lausanne University. The knowledge in transfer pricing by the program's lecturer, Mr Vikram Chand, and the multiple external lecturers is excellent. I left the lecture room feeling inspired every time.  
The program is is very well structured and detailed. The topics are presented by Mr Chand and other top speakers from various industries mainly through case studies making the learning interactive. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in transfer pricing. 

Selina Reif-resize120x152.jpg

Selina Reif
Max-Planck-Institut für Steuerrecht und Öffentliche Finanzen
Abteilung für Unternehmens- und Steuerrecht

EPTP 2017

The EPTP was a great opportunity to gain a holistic view of the important issues in transfer pricing. You can learn from top-level transfer pricing specialists holding the lecture, as well as from the other participants contributing their personal experiences from their day-to-day business. The course offers the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical aspects brought in by case studies and examples from different industries.
Therefore I would recommend the program anyone who is interested in theoretical aspects and how they are transformed into daily business.

Tamara photo-resize120x152.jpg

Tamara Schwärzler
PwC Switzerland
EPTP 2016

Great training on a completely up to date issue which will become even more important in the future. The training provided not only solid theoretical knowledge but also interesting inside views in different industries and multinational companies.

Philippe mantel picture-resize120x91.jpg

Philippe Mantel
Meyerlustenberger | Lachenal Avocats – Attorneys at Law 
EPTP 2016

I had the chance to participate to the first edition of the ETPT program at Unil. Globalisation, the OECD's work and transfer pricing development is the hot topic for all tax practitioners. The EPTP program offers the opportunity to give an academical background to transfer pricing specialists and is the entrance door to better knowledge for all tax lawyers with a more generalist field of activity. The courses are highly valuable and offer the unique opportunity to meet people from various countries with very different backgrounds and job positions. I particularly enjoyed the courses held by Dr. Vikram Chand, director of the program who is able to explain very complex and abstract matters in very clear layman’s terms.

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