What to TEACH ? The EuTEACH curriculum

The EuTEACH curriculum

Welcome to the EuTEACH curriculum. This curriculum represents the ongoing work of the EuTEACH team and an international multi-disciplinary network of professionals experienced in adolescent health promotion and care.

Each module is designed to be interactive and facilitate audience participation. Entry scenarios are introduced which can be used to encourage critical thinking and stimulate participants to identify issues associated with the module topic, throughout the entire session.

EuTEACH modules are based primarily upon findings from scientific literature and the experiences of EuTEACH members. Modules and references are updated regularly and have been used by organizations and professional groups worldwide.

A few easily and freely accessible references are provided for each module (see the "References/Bibliography" subsection). The EuTEACH members will regularly check that the sites are still available. Don't hesitate to signal any problem with the references or please do make suggestions as how to complement the list by contacting us via email at: euteach@chuv.ch

Access the EuTEACH modules

Users not familiar with teaching techniques should first read the "How to TEACH?" section of this website. 

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