How to TEACH ? Teaching resources

Guide to the Teaching Resources

Users of the curriculum are strongly encouraged to read this section before using the modules. Teachers who are not familiar with adolescent medicine should refer to the short description of the key concepts used throughout this curriculum.

 There is evidence from teaching practice suggesting that knowledge alone, in those being taught, is not sufficient to bring about the better delivery of adolescent health care. Although learners often like formal lectures, this unidirectional transfer of knowledge is not, by itself, effective in increasing competence in the delivery of adolescent health care by those doing the learning.

Contemporary teaching methodologies which emphasize ‘interactivity’ have been shown to be a more effective way to increase competence among learners.
EuTEACH conceptualizes teaching as providing the learner with knowledge, attitudes and skills in order to practice medicine and healthcare in a more competent manner. It is important for teachers of adolescent health and medicine to emphasize the acquisition of skills and attitudes as an indispensable add on to basic medical knowledge which the practitioner may already have. 

The teaching methodologies that a teacher finally chooses to use should be in accordance with the teaching objectives. 


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