Planning a Session

Planning a session

An example of the planning for a 3-hour EuTEACH session is provided for module A1. We provide information on both session planning, as well as the corresponding slides. The slides are available either as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF file (See below to download).
The experience gained by the EuTEACH working group suggests that a few basic ingredients are the key to the success of any EuTEACH course.
  • A clear presentation of training objectives at the beginning of each session.
  • Interaction (at least 50%) in the form of role play, video, interviews of young people or group discussion.
  • A bottom up participatory teaching style (using the participant's resources and building on their experience).
  • An evaluation of the course by the trainees.
  • Small class sizes (10-12 trainees)
  • A minimum of three hours for each module.
If you are using the EuTEACH curriculum for the first time, we strongly encourage reading through the teaching methodologies guide before using the modules. Those not familiar with adolescent medicine can also refer to a short description of key concepts used throughout the curriculum (See: key concepts).
  • These documents should be considered as a series of quick 'tips' to help you improve your teaching techniques. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. We provide more information under 'further reading'.
  • See the key concepts
  • Manual for facilitators and trainers involved in participatory group events (see tools in right column for VIPP manual).

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Session planning tools

euteach_slidesa1.pdf  (1157 Ko)

VIPP_Manual.pdf  (3295 Ko)

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