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European training in effective adolescent care and health

EuTEACH is a multidisciplinary network of trainers from over 20 countries across Europe and internationally. It is the leading international provider of training materials and courses in adolescent health.
WHO Collaborating center
The Interdisciplinary Division for Adolescent Health (DISA), which coordinates the EuTEACH program, has been designated as a WHO Collaborating Center in Adolescent and School Health.
The Summer School is an intensive week-long course in adolescent health that attracts learners from all round the world.
The main goal of the school is to train clinical and public health practitioners to teach effective adolescent care and health.
How to use the EuTEACH curriculum
Users are strongly encouraged to read information on how to use the EuTEACH curriculum on this website before using the EuTEACH modules and teaching resources.
EuTEACH Participants discuss their experiences in the Summer School
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