Funding for current research

Therapy as couple and as parents

This project, funded by a 2015–2019 grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, is led by Prof. Joëlle Darwiche, in collaboration with Prof. Nicolas Favez (University of Geneva); Dr. Yves de Roten, privat-docent and senior lecturer and scientist (MER); and Prof. Jean-Nicolas Despland (University Institute of Psychotherapy and the Psychiatry Department of the Lausanne University Hospital). It aims to assess the efficacy of an integrative brief systemic intervention in couples that are parents. It combines therapeutic work on marital and coparenting subsystems by addressing the couple from the outset and throughout the therapy not only as a couple but also as parents. We are assessing several aspects of individual and family functioning by using questionnaires and observing interactions. A number of professional practitioners are involved in this study. The study therefore has to adapt to the realities and pace of their clinical work, which differentiates it from lab research. This study will not only assess the efficacy of the intervention, but will also provide professionals with a therapeutic model that has been empirically validated.



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