Discover UCreate activation programs of the HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Are you a UNIL student, researcher, collaborator or alumni ? UCreate activation programs are open to the entire UNIL community. We support all types of projects, whether technological or not, for profit or social in nature. Projects favoring a societal or environmental contribution are particularly welcome.

UCreate2 - Exploration workshop

The UCreate2 exploration workshop is a 5-week program consisting of 5 sessions (in the evening) including an individual coaching session. A prize worth CHF 2'000.- in the form of coaching will be awarded to support the best exploration journey. 


Explore your ideas.

The first step of this program will be to better define what you care about and the problem you want to solve. It will also give you the opportunity to form some first hypothesis and get first market feedback. During this journey, a coach will help you to challenge your idea and help you to understand whether it answers a market need.

Discover your entrepreneurial potential.

You will understand better what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start exploring your own potential as a changemaker. This will also help you to realize if entrepreneurship is made for you or not.

Understand your skills gap.

Finally, you will reflect on what you need to continue the journey and, if this is something you want to do, where to find the resources you need. Next steps could be to acquire specific skills, form a team or collaborate with outside partners.

UCreate3 - UNIL Accelerator

The UCreate3 acceleration program takes place over 16 weeks with 7 modules and 1 assigned coach per team. A financial support of up to CHF 10'000.- per team project is available to maximize their chances of success.


Accelerate your entrepreneurship journey.

You will be accompanied by experts, coaches, entrepreneurs and trainers during 16 weeks and 7 modules. They will give you the tools and skills you need to bring your project to market.

Empower your team.

This program strongly encourages team projects (2 to 5 people maximum). You will be able to work on your team dynamics and improve its cohesion behind your entrepreneurial mission. We will help you to anticipate and solve team challenges. An opportunity to gain human skills in the process of launching an entrepreneurial project.

Turn your project into reality.

You will put your concept to the test and follow a field-oriented journey. Find out how to reduce the risk of failure and validate your assumptions. This program will also allow you to consider, in a balanced way, the economic, social and environmental impact of your project.

Our space : the Villanova


The projects supported by the UCreate programs are located at the Villanova (Quartier Sorge, access here). This unique place on campus offers project leaders an inspiring place to explore, experiment and test their innovative solutions, strengthen collaborations and stimulate exchanges. The Villanova also houses the offices of the student associations START, OIKOS and Innovation Time Lausanne.

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