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On March 13, following directives from the canton of Vaud, the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne closed its 6 sites (Unithèque, Internef, Riponne, HEP Vaud, Provence and Renens). Likewise, the cultural events of the BCUL are all cancelled until further notice.

To follow the evolution of this constraint, please refer to the BCUL website.

BCUL sites at your disposal

Persons undergoing education at IDHEAP as well as the Institute's staff have full access to the documentary resources of the six sites of the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne (BCUL). On the Dorigny site, works dealing with diverse aspects of public administration can be found mainly in the Internef Building (in the law and economics library, in the basement) and in the Unithèque Building (on the periodicals floor). Since 2020, IDHEAP no longer has a library site in its building.

For more details on how to consult and borrow, please refer to the BCUL website.

You are looking for a document

The online catalogue of the network of the Canton of Vaud [Renouvaud ] allows you to find the works available on of the six BCUL sites, in particular on the Dorigny sites.

The online catalogue of the Network of university libraries in the other French-speaking cantons [RERO ] is also at your disposal.

The Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS ) network gives you access to more than 600 libraries located mostly in German-speaking Switzerland, but also in French and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

The Network of Libraries and Information Centres in Switzerland (NEBIS ) provides you with an alternative way of accessing the resources of the IDS network.

For e-books, please visit the ebooksUnil portal.

An extensive catalogue of scientific journals is also available in electronic format via the Perunil portal.

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