Renouvaud 3.jpgLibrary network in Vaud canton (RenouVaud): Network of scientific libraries, patrimonial and educational ...

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News and course references: All the last paper and electronic acquisitions and course references of semester

Georef & Geobase icon.jpg Georef & Geobase: Multidisciplinary database providing bibliographic data and références about thousands of international journals ...

GeoScienceWorld icon.jpg GeoScienceWorld: Make information search more accessible and easier to use. 53 magazines from 33 éditors! ...

Web of science: Research hub among the most efficient giving access to the big majority of articles published in scientific magazines ...

Memoirs of Geology: List of the whole Mémoires de Géologie de Lausanne with, for each volume, a downloadable pdf ...

ScienceDirect icon.jpg Science Direct: Online search engine giving access to millions of scientific magazines ...


Bulletins of Geology: List of the whole of Bulletins de Géologie de Lausanne published since 1901. A summary is available for volumes published after 1995 ...       

PhD theses: List of PhD theses performed in our institute since 1993, with for the most recent ones, a summary in PDF format ...

 Master theses & DEA: List of master theses and DEA performed in our institute since 1993, with for the most recent ones, asummary in PDF;...

 CDU icon.jpgBook classification : All the books are thematically or geographically organized according to the principle of universal decimal classification (UDC)

Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire (BCU): The site of BCU includes all nescessary informations for borrowing and reading his books



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