Renouvaud 3.jpgRenouVaud: Vaudois network of scientific, patrimonial and scholar libraries. Used to find books and periodicals in the library and online ...

new items.jpgNew items and course references: All the latest paper and electronic acquisitions and course references for the semester

LOGO.jpgGeoFacets: Geolocated search engine of Georeferenced Geological Maps. Contains maps and data, as well as links to articles...

Georef & Geobase icon.jpgGeoref & Geobase: Multidisciplinary databases supplying bibliographic information and abstracts for development studies, the Earth sciences, ecology, geomechanics ...

GeoScienceWorld icon.jpgGeoScienceWorld: is making earth science research information more accessible and easier to use from 28 publishers ...

Web of science: Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge is one of the premier research platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities ...

ScienceDirect icon.jpgScience Direct: Science Direct is one of the most comprehensive scientific research tools on the web. With millions of scientific items ...

Memoirs of Geology: Web page listing all the volumes of the Memoirs of Geology since 1987. An abstract in PDF format can be downloaded for all of them ...

Bulletins of Geology: Web page listing all the volumes of the Bulletins since 1901. An abstract in PDF format can be downloaded for the volumes published since 1995 ...

PhD theses: Web page listing all the PhD theses completed at the Institute of Earth Sciences since 1993. An abstract in PDF format can be downloaded for most of them ...

Master theses and DEA: Web page listing the MSc and DEA theses completed in our the institute since 1993. For the most recent ones an abstract can be downloaded ...

Cantonal and universitary library (BCU): The BCU web portal contains all the necessary information for anyone wishing to rent scientific and non-scientific books ...

CDU icon.jpgClassification of documents: All the books are classified thematicaly or geographically, according to the principle of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).


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