7. ISTE admin: finances, car rental, hotel bookings, etc

7.1. Invoices & orders | 7.2. Expense report (note de frais) | 7.3. Institute credit card | 7.4. Vehicles | 7.5. Hotel reservation | 7.6. Decision instances and representatives

7.1. Invoices & orders

If you have an invoice or you are asking for a reimbursement, please contact Krystel Fazzi (krystel.fazzi@unil.ch, office 3646, Geopolis bulding). She will give you general guidelines and details on how to proceed.

7.1.1 Invoices

All invoices must be accompanied by either the corresponding order form or the delivery note and approved and signed by the supervisor. He/she should note either the fund number, or the IO (Internal Order) on which he/she would like this invoice to be recorded.

7.1.2. Orders

Up to CHF 500, the Director of the Institute must countersign the order before it is concluded, except for orders made by professors who can authorize orders of up to CHF 3000.

Up to CHF 10'000, the Director of the Institute and the Dean of the Faculty must sign.


7.2. Expense report (note de frais)

Expense reports are required when you need to be reimbursed for a purchase or an expense you have incurred on behalf of ISTE. The form can be found on the ISTE Intranet :  Forms ISTE, download and fill the “Reimbursement form”.

It is important to note that expense forms should be correctly filled and submitted as soon as possible after reception.

A couple of important points to note :

a) Remember to write the IBAN number and in the case of a bank account abroad, the SWIFT number

b) Please tape (not glue) original receipts (copies are not accepted) on an A4 sheet of paper. Make sure not to use staples. The expense form should be printed in portrait mode and not in landscape mode

c) For expenses in foreign currency the original receipt must be attached together with an excerpt of the exchange rate to Swiss Francs on the day the payment was made. This exchange rate must be from the following webpage : https://www.oanda.com/lang/fr/currency/converter/. Important : The date of the exchange rate must be the same as the one of the invoice or receipt

d) If you paid with your credit card, attach your receipt with a copy of your credit card statement. This will ensure that your credit card charges are refunded

e) Write the receipt no. on the receipts and next to the different lines in the excel document

f) You and your supervisor must sign the expense form

g) Important ! You must keep a copy of your refund form and receipts

To find out what expenses are reimbursable, the service expense guideline webpage can be consulted. Alternatively, you can ask your supervisor.


7.3. Institute credit card

Purchases can be made using the ISTE credit card. Please contact Krystel Fazzi (krystel.fazzi@unil.ch).


7.4. Vehicles

ISTE has 1 Dacia and 5 bus T5 WW. If you want to rent a vehicule, please contact Anne Besse (anne.besse@unil.ch).


7.5. Hotel reservation

If you need to book a hotel for your visitors, please contact Krystel Fazzi (krystel.fazzi@unil.ch).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the hotels that UNIL is associated with :

-    Hôtel des Voyageurs (near center of Lausanne - Flon metro stop)

-    Hôtel Continental (near Lausanne train station)

-    Hôtel Agora Swiss Night (near Lausanne train station)

-    Swiss Tech Hotel (EPFL)


7.6. Decision instances and representatives

The ISTE council meets every month to discuss matters such as budget, strategy, investments, regulations, nominations, and other topics about the life of the Institute. The members are permanent teaching ISTE staff, as well as representatives from the assistants and technical staff.

The faculty council meets also every month to take important decisions such as the hiring and promotion of professors, study plans strategy. The members are professors, technical staff, assistants and students representatives.

If you have questions or matters regarding the functioning of the Institute or the Faculty, you can contact the member that most represents you.