About us

The Laboratory for Conservation Biology (LCB), established in 1999 at the University of Lausanne, provides DNA-based analyses of wildlife samples in the field of forensics and conservation genetics.

The services of the LCB are intended for environmental managers in general, and for all organisations concerned with the management and conservation of biodiversity including:

  • national and international governmental agencies, as well as conservation organizations (NGO);
  • private and commercial entities;
  • forensic and custom agencies concerned with international treaties for the protection of animal and plant species;
  • academic institutions.

Examples of DNA analyses offered by the LCB:

  • genetic species identification, individual identification and parentage analysis;
  • genetic assignment of an individual's population of origin;
  • DNA sexing (birds and mammals);
  • definition of the genetic structure of populations (gene flow, inbreeding level, etc.);
  • study of species distribution from non-invasive genetic analysis;
  • analysis of hybridization rate between local and invasive species;
  • management of populations in captivity, reintroductions.




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