Population analysis

What is this about?

Our laboratory provides customised services in the field of conservation genetics. We perform genetic analyses for environmental managers and researchers, for example to diagnose the genetic status of threatened populations and propose conservation strategies, to monitor wild populations, or to implement captivity programs.

Why perform these analyses?

  • Define the genetic structure of fragmented and small size populations, and propose for example translocations and reintroductions of individuals to minimize the risks linked to inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity.

  • Define conservation units and set conservation priorities based on the distribution of genetic diversity within species.

  • Use molecular markers to better understand the biology of a species, in particular for species which are difficult to directly observe or capture (non-invasive genetic approaches).

  • Assign individuals to their population of origin.

  • Evaluate the extent of genetic introgression after hybridation between local and invasive species.

  • Conduct biodiversity surveys with DNA-barcoding approaches.





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