Individual identification

What is this about?

Genetic identification of individuals from biological samples and derived products.  

Why perform these analyses?

These analyses allow:

  • The individual identification of animals involved in illegal traffic of species (poaching)

    • Determine whether the DNA profiles from several biological traces (e.g. blood spots, meat, hair) match the same animal, and consequently link a presumed poached animal or a suspect with a wildlife crime. These traces are found in the field or elsewhere (textile, blade, car, freezer, ...).
  • The individual identification of animals involved in a crime scene

    • Link a suspect with a crime (transfer of DNA from the victim's animal to the suspect or to the crime scene, or from the suspect's animal to the victim or to the crime scene).

    • Identify an animal involved in an attack to a person (e.g. saliva collected around a dog bite wound) or to another animal (e.g. predator attacks on livestock).

    • Identify an animal responsible for an accident (e.g. car accident) or a property damage.

    • Identify a stolen animal; identify the remains of an animal; confirm the origin (pedigree) of a domestic breed. 




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