International Collaborations | Local & National Collaborations | Longstanding Collaborators (non-exhaustive)

International Collaborations

McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT
Cambridge, MA, USA


Department of Experimental Psychology
Oxford University, UK

Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute
The University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, USA


Department of Psychology
University of Oldenburg, Germany

Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Ghent, Belgium

Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
University of Glasgow, UK

Cognitive Neuroscience & Schizophrenia Program, Nathan Kline Institute, Orangeburg, NY, USA

Kessler Foundation Research Center
Newark, NJ, USA

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group
University of Granada, Spain

Center for Mind and Brain
University of California at Davis, USA


Department of Diagnostic Radiology
University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Department of Psychology
University of Essex, UK

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Nashville, TN, USA


German Institute of Human Nutrition
Potsdam-Rehbrücke, Germany


Department of Psychology
Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy


Neuroimaging Laboratory
Fondazione Santa Lucia, IRCCS, Rome, Italy

School of Psychology
University of Sussex, UK


Melbourne Neuroscience Institute
University of Melbourne, Australia


Centre de Recherche Cerveau & Cognition - UMR5549
Toulouse, France




Longstanding Collaborators (non-exhaustive)

  • Professor Christoph M. Michel
    Director, Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory,
    University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Professor Stephanie Clarke
    Chair, Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Service
    Department of Clinical Neurosciences, CHUV-UNIL, Switzerland
  • Professor Reto Meuli
    Chair, Department of Radiology, CHUV-UNIL, Switzerland
  • Professor Matthias Stuber
    Director, CardioVascular Magnetic Resonance research center
    Department of Radiology, CHUV-UNIL, Switzerland
  • Professor Kim Do
    Director, Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience,
    Department of Psychiatry, CHUV-UNIL, Switzerland
  • Professor Philippe Conus
    Chair, General Psychiatry Service, CHUV-UNIL, Switzerland
  • Professor Jean-Philippe Thiran
    Director, Signal Processing Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Professor Olaf Blanke
    Center for Neuroprosthetics, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Professor Mark T. Wallace
    Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Dr. Nathalie Maitre
    Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH, USA
  • Professor Jan Schnupp
    University of Oxford, UK
  • Professor Paul J. Yoder
    Vanderbilt University, USA



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