Ulrike Toepel

Ulrike.jpgResearch Scientist

Department of Radiology
University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne
Radiology Research Center, RC7
Rue du Bugnon 46, 1011 Lausanne, Switzerland


Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral Program
LN Doctoral School
Amphipôle, room 316
Unil-Sorge, University of Lausanne
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

email: ulrike.toepel@chuv.ch OR ulrike.toepel@unil.ch



Research Interests

As might be evident from the photo, my main research topic at the LINE has to do with food. In particular, my student(s) and I investigate brain dynamics mostly during the visual perception of various food classes and how these are influenced by factors like gender, weight and food preferences. We mainly use non-invasive electroencephalography to address the aforementioned issues. However, we are currently also studying the relationship of motivation towards food intake on brain dynamics and gastric hormone fluctuations as well as correlations between the latter.

My Ph.D. training was at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, where I explored electrophysiological brain markers to the differentiation of relevant from irrelevant information in spoken dialogs. Although language processing is not my main topic at the moment, I am happy to still be involved in projects on adolescent and aphasic speech perception abilities taking place at the CHUV Lausanne and in collaboration with the Humboldt University of Berlin.

More details can be found here.


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(Book Chapter)

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