The Mouse Pathology Facility (MPF) is a histology platform with a mission to provide an in-depth histological analysis of mice which have been genetically altered (either transgenic, “knock-in” or “knock-out” mice). Following dissection and tissue preparation, slides are prepared for standard or special staining procedures. Additionally, immunohistochemical staining is also available, thus allowing an in-depth evaluation of mice. Following specimen preparation, pathologists at the Institute of Pathology examine and evaluate the results. A written report of the study is communicated to the scientists who submitted the mice for examination. A meeting between the scientists and pathologists at a multi-headed microscope is then arranged, allowing a discussion of the results and an exchange of ideas regarding future directions of the project. This collaborative unit was established to both provide a service to molecular biologists, as well as allowing our assistants in Pathology to partake in research projects taking place in the Lausanne scientific community. This platform is supported by the department of research at the FBM and CHUV.

Some mouse projects which are more advanced may simply require the preparation of slides with standard staining techniques or with immunohistochemistry. Our platform will carry out such analyses and specific pricing for these services are indicated on our price lists.

Projects involving animals other than mouse will be undertaken but only if the researcher carries out the dissections themselves.

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Muscle section stained with lecithin


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