ARCHIVE - International Exploratory Workshop

International Exploratory Workshop
Creating Bridges between European Researchers across Qualitative Research in Psychology

María del Río Carral, Ph.D. (organisatrice) / Marie Santiago Delefosse (co-organisatrice)

The organisation of qualitative research in psychology remains an unachieved and complex issue to date, due to its multiple origins at both, cultural and theoretical levels (Bruchez, Roux & Santiago-Delefosse, 2017; Wertz, 2014). The global aim of this workshop consisted on bringing together - for the first time - confirmed & young promising researchers from different cultural/theoretical backgrounds in qualitative research in psychology across Europe, in order to map contemporary practices and modes of organisation and recognition within qualitative research in psychology. Moreover, this workshop, and the scientific network that will potentially be developed from this event, will definitely benefit early career researchers, by providing a space for communication and dissemination.

More specifically, the workshop's original aims were defined as follows: a) analysing qualitative research practices in psychology by researchers themselves, through exchange and definition of common practices; b) initiating networking for common research projects; c) discussing the opportunity to create a European society for qualitative psychology in psychology towards its visibility through institutionalisation.

A first major outcome of the workshop is the acknowledgement by all participants of the importance of initiating new synergies for scientific co-operation in qualitative research in psychology. This workshop represented the first step in such direction, extensively perceived as most valuable. The creation of a future European research network composed of researchers with complementary skills and levels of experience seems in this sense very promising. We are currently working on implementing the adequate means to move forward in this direction (surveys, workshops, publications, etc.).

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