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FNS (2017)

Release of funds IZKOZ1_174533/1

Music, affect and performance : Studying the unfolding of affective processes and strategies in musicians’performances.


Musical performance requires the ability to master highly specialized skills developed over years of practice, as well the ability to deal with pressure. The unfolding of affective phenomena and self-regulation strategies during a performance cannot be understood without considering the specificity of the interaction between the situation and the individual. This project aims to analyze the context-specific experience during performance preparation, as well as during the performance itself.

This study will address three key questions: 1) How do affective phenomena and self-regulation strategies unfold during the act of rehearsing and performing music?; 2) How does the course of action and the specificity of the interaction between the situation and the individual influence future performances?; 3) What forms of situated activity do musicians use to prepare for an important music performance?

This research uses a grounded theory approach. To gain a deeper understanding of how emotional experiences across the different stages of performance develop, context-specific and ecological methods will be applied. We will use the course of action theoretical framework and methodology, which involves qualitative interviews as an approach to better understand the behavior in a specific context. This activity approaches analyze how human builds relationship and interact with their own environment. The chosen method consists of conducing elicitation interviews, allowing access to the lived experiences of musicians in relation to performance events that were meaningful for them. 
The sample will consist of musicians who are studying an undergraduate or graduate degree in music at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music or a professional musician who preparing for an upcoming audition or recital/examination.